How to Create/Check DBC file

• • • • <Hostname_SID>.dbc not <Context Name>.dbc file exist on both the nodes in application Tier. This File exists in $FND_TOP/secure Login as Application user (On both the nodes) When you create a file it’s name is <SID>.dbc. You might need to copy it as <Hostname_SID>.dbc . To check the status of DBC file use

java apps/dev#apps STATUS DB_PORT=1521 DB_NAME=devhr DBC=/u5/oracle/prodhrappl/fnd/11.5.0/secure/gecisv-devdb_devhr.dbc OUTPUT Database Server --------------DATABASE_ID: devhr AUTHENTICATION: SECURE Application Server -----------------APPL_SERVER_STATUS: VALID APPL_SERVER_ID: 051D72DC25AE30D5E0440003BAA9A29B24326414774079047273642913323149 • To Create the DBC File o o o echo $FNDNAM This will give the value for FNDNAM. In our case it gives ‘APPS’ There should be no space on both side of ‘=’ This will create a file <SID>.dbc. You might need to copy it as <Hostname_SID>.dbc .

java apps/dev#apps ADD FNDNAM=apps GWYUID=applsyspub/pub TWO_TASK=devhr SECURE_PATH=$FND_TOP/secure GUEST_USER_PWD=guest/oracle APPS_JDBC_DRIVER_TYPE=THIN DB_PORT=1521

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