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Mumbai christian girl molested by muslim boys for 26 hours

Annie Meridion (18) was molested for over 26 hours after she was abducted at knifepoint
by muslim boys on March 8, 2008 night. Annie’s account of what happened.on Sunday
night at 12.30 am, “I was at Pulse, a discotheque at Bandra with my boyfriend Shohaib
Sheikh when I received a call from my friend Kim D’Souza. She asked me to come down
to Globus. There, I saw Kim waiting for me with Imran and two friends, Shadab and
Adnan. They grabbed me and hauled me off at knifepoint.

I was taken to Rizvi building at Juhu Tara Road where they undressed and beat me with
belts. Then Imran and his friends, Shadab, Adnan and Usman molested me and I think
they shot me nude. I was drunk, but not totally oblivious to what was happening around
me. They locked me up and left and in the morning when I came to, I called my
boyfriend who rescued me. There were also three girls present: Fatima, Kim and Ruhi.”
She said after returning home she tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists.