Medical Science Pptx

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities
 In Canada, a number of different groups
influence and play a role in our
healthcare system, including our
government, town, health clubs and

The Government
 The government, can control what we
can and cannot consume. They can do
this in various ways, including controlling
potentially harmful substances by
making some illegal, and putting taxes
on others, such as alcohol and tobacco.
 They also influence what we ads we
see .

The Government
 Another way they influence Healthcare
is by making it affordable to all
Canadians, and providing funding to
provincial Healthcare programs.
 Healthcare is a social program funded
by the government, which in turn is paid
by taxes.
 On a provincial level, the government
oversees the creation of hospitals.
The Government
 The government also contributes to
health research to find cures for serious
 It provides Healthcare to First Nation
and Inuit groups, who might live too far a
distance from a hospital or clinic.
The Town
 The town can also play a role in
healthcare, by creating health clubs and
clinics. These ‘mini-hospitals’ can
provide service to towns without
hospitals, or to people who live too far
away from a hospital to access one.
 Hospitals provide healthcare through
teams of professionally trained doctors
at no cost, through a social program,
allowing Canadians affordable health
care when they need it.

Gyms and Health Clubs
 Gyms Health Clubs house a variety of
exercise machines and a number of
personal trainers which patrons, for a
small fee, can access to keep their
fitness levels at top shape.


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