Amanda E.

James Madison University • Harrisonburg, VA • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN

!u"e University • !urham, N# • Anticipated Master of Science in Nursing (MSN
Ma$or in Nurse Anesthesia (expected graduation May 2015)
Duke University
School of Nursing
Student Nurse Anesthetist
January %&'()*resent
• Attend class and complete academic work for didactic courses
• Participate in and attend weekly Journal lu!s
• Attend clinicals four days a week at "arious local and away
sites wit# specialty rotations in ardiac$ Pediatric
and %!stetric specialties
• Act as a &enior 'uddy to a Junior lass Mem!er
• Participate in "olunteer acti"ities during (ational (urse
Anest#esia )eek
• &er"e as &ecretary on t#e &tudent ouncil for t#e *uke (urse
Anest#esia Program
• Participate in "arious acti"ities associated wit# t#e program$
including assisting wit# graduation for t#e lass of 201+
MedStar Washington
Hospital Center
+egistered Nurse)Main *A#U
,ashington, !-#-
July %&'' to !ecember %&'%
• Managed !asic to complex surgical inpatients in
post,anest#esia p#ase
• Performed a wide range of post,operati"e disc#arge teac#ing to
• Managed "entilator settings for compromised patient
• Performed slow and fast "entilatory weaning for safe
extu!ation of intu!ated patients
• Managed and titrated #ig# alert medications
• &uper"ised patients using in"asi"e monitoring tec#ni-ues$
including arterial lines$ central "enous pressures$ end,tidal
%2.s and intracranial pressures
• /mployed complementary pain management tec#ni-ues$
including management of epidural and perineural !locks
2025 opper 0eaf Pkwy$ Apt1 205$ *ur#am$ ($ 2220+ • (20+) +30,+405 • amanda1ri"era355gmail1com
Amanda E. Rivera
eorge Washington University
• Participated in multidisciplinary rounds to determine
indi"iduali6ed and optimal daily patient plans of care
• Managed and titrated critical care medications
• Managed critical medical and surgical patients under a general
78 setting
• Assisted nursing staff to complete daily tasks w#en re-uested
and pro"ide knowledge on specialty areas w#en needed
as 9esource (urse on duty
• Attended ode 'lues on nursing units initiating A0&
• &er"ed as a mem!er on t#e Medication ommittee and &er"ice
/xcellence ommittee
+egistered Nurse).#U
,ashington, !-#-
June %&'')!ecemeber %&'% (*er diem
/eb- %&&0 to June %&'' (/ull)time
Sentara !oto"a# Hospital
+egistered Nurse)*A#U, ,oodbridge, VA, July %&'& to !ecember %&''
• 9eco"ered inpatients and outpatients in post,anest#esia period$ managing a!normal "ital
signs to facilitate transfer to lower le"els of care
$NO%& 'air(a) Hospital
Nursing Student)Ambulatory *A#U$ /alls #hurch, VA, 1ctober %&&2 to !ecember %&&2
• ompleted senior capstone assisting in preoperati"e to postoperati"e p#ases of nursing
care in a large and dynamic outpatient setting
$NO%& 'air(a) Hospital
Nurse 34tern)5rauma .#U, /alls #hurch, VA, June %&&2 to August %&&2
• Participated in o!ser"ational and learning experiences under direction of a preceptor in a
le"el one trauma center
Sentara !oto"a# Hospital
*atient #are 5echnician)Surgical floor, ,oodbridge, VA, May %&&6 to !ecember %&&6
• Assisted up to t#irty patients wit# acti"ities of daily li"ing$ w#ile collecting routine "ital
signs and pertinent fingersticks$ reporting critical results to managing registered nurse
PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: American Association of (urse Anest#etists (AA(A)$
(ort# arolina Association of (urse Anest#etists ((A(A)
LICENSURES: 9egistered (urse in :irginia and t#e *istrict of olum!ia
CERTIFICATIONS: Ad"anced ardiac 0ife &upport$ Pediatric Ad"anced 0ife &upport$
'asic 0ife &upport

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