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Exhibit Form of Rel jocument ‘Orrennsc CIRCULAR MARCH 2007 FORMOF RELEASE DOCUMENT EXHIBIT J t0 UFOC sl GENERAL RELEASE OF CLAIMS “This General Release of Chis i mats and eter int asf his _ day of, 20_,ty______ (Franchisee) fiver of Sap Fitness, te ("Sp Fes). In consideration or Susp Fess agreement to doe good and valablecorsideato, te rein and scionyof which are hereby acknowledged, Franchisee hechy releases and waives any a alright payment, recovers, chins, and mses of son (wher legal or eubl in mtu) against Snap Fitness nd its officers, directs, employees, ages, ali, principals, ek, tar, rpresentatves, ceneys, predecessors and CeO Franchisee epesents and warts tht itis the sole an lawl owner of alight ie nd itera in nd to every elim ober mater hich purports tole herein sd that Franchisee has fl power to enero hs green and has no assigned, transfered or encbere, oF purpose, trarsfe or encumber, oral or involuaary. any pee o nity which i ot party oie Agrees, alo any pation ofthe ins, obligations o rights covered by this Agseeent. Franchise ery covenants, on behalf sf nd isa, th twill st any tine lowing the de hereof, sian transferor encumber, or purport 0 asgn, rans or encumber any potion of the ais, obigaions or igs covered by this Agreement other han as part of ese of alr substaiallyallof the ses of party by operation afta, Franchize hereby represent, waa an ges ht Franchise bas ecived competent nd independent legal aise f oun aout the meaning and ey fic of hs agreement, ect about heavily of making the agreement and Franchise oly understands he sae Franchise waves ll rights under California Civil Cade Section 1542 (or any similar provisions ofthe statuary or decison w ‘of anyother jurneon), which provides as flloms: ‘A general release doesnot extend to lai which the ereditor does not know or suypet text in ‘is favor atthe tie of executing the relent, which if nomen by hi must have materially affected his etilement withthe debtor. ‘Nocwthstanding Section 1882 or any similar law, this Agreement eleases all claims desribed herein, whether known foreseen, patent or latent which ether party may have aguas the other a ofthe date hereof nd this relese sell act. ‘an release of future claims that may are from aes aicng prior tothe date hereof, whether auch aims are current known aoknown, foresen o unforeseen. Franchisee understands and acknowledges the significance and consequence of uch speci waver of Section 1542 and sia as, and hereby assumes ul responsibilty for such waver Dae _, FRANCHISEE. (OFFERING CIRCULAR MARCH 2007 ORM OF RELEASE DOCUMENT 32 EXHIBIT J to UFOC