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Alice Murray

Questions for LO4

Visual Language
Describe and analyse the composition of your image.
For the composition of my images, I chose to have a border around the edges with the writing in the middle of the
page. I chose to have the main titles Youre Invited and !ongratulations in a bigger font to ma"e them stand out and
be able to tell what the design was for. I chose to have my two designs loo"ing very similar in the way they are laid out
and the colours and fonts because I wanted them to go together so you could tell they were for the same event.
#$plain why you have used your selected colours. %hat are the connotations of them&
I have chosen to use gold writing on a blac" bac"ground as I though they contrast really well and stand out good
together. I got the idea of using these colours together on a similar design to mine that I found on 'oogle images. (y
using the gold coloured writing, it gives off a formal, smart and posh impression which is what I wanted it to show
without it loo"ing too royal and fancy. I also chose to use blac" because connotes with the dress code of smart blac"
suit ) ties and I chose blac" as it connotes with posh*fancy dresses.
Audiences can be defined by their social group, gender, peer group and what +obs they do.
%ho is the audience for your image& ,think wider than just students)
-he audience for my image is aimed at students here at -he .enley !ollege, mainly the film and media students who
will be attending the event but it is also aimed at parents who may come along to the event. My poster targets my
audience well as it is not too formal or informal and it appeals to them as it has attracting colours and they layout isnt
too comple$ but simple and easy to read.
Historical and Cultural Context
%here have you drawn inspiration from when creating your design&
I did some research on the internet of designs which are old to ones which are modern and new, I then got inspiration
from them and combined them together by using a sort of old font which loo"s /uite fancy and then used modern
loo"ing colours and combined them together. .ere are some e$amples of images I found on 'oogle images that have
given me some inspiration.
Is there anything in particular that has been incorporated into your design&
Alice Murray
I have tried to incorporate /uite a sophisticated loo" into both of my designs0 this is because I didnt want my
invitations to loo" too informal or formal so I tried to mi$ it up by combining it and creating something that loo"s fancy
and formal but not too much.
Finished Product
Does your final product loo" how you intended it to& If not, why not&
I am happy with he finished outcome of my final product, my final product loo"s how I wanted it to, I "ept my colours
and the layout of my design how I wanted it to be therefore the outcome was successful and I am happy with the final
prints. I thin" my finished product loo"s very similar to the e$isting products which I researched and found on the
internet as the colours and layout I have used are /uite similar. I thin" my product loo"s li"e it has been done to a
professional standard, to ma"e it more professional loo"ing I could have perhaps created the border design myself
instead of getting it off the internet.
Is your final product fit for its purpose as a poster*invitation etc&
Yes, I thin" my final product is fit for its purpose as an invitation and certificate because I have used relevant colours
and a good design which ma"es them loo" li"e what they are supposed to be. -he invitation and certificate are both
clear due to the layout and easy to read with the right relevant information on them. -hey also give off a good
impression of a glamorous and sophisticated event which is what I was trying to show.
%hat technical s"ills have you used to put your final product together&
I used adobe 1hotoshop !23 to create both of my designs on the computer. I imported some images and designs for
the border from google images then placed them into my design and cropped them to +oin them together to create my
%hat do you li"e about the loo" of your final product&
I li"e the way I have laid it out, how the te$t is central and I li"e how I have chosen to do both my products landscape. I
also li"e how I have made both my products similar in "eeping both the colours and layout of them the same so they
loo" as if they go together and are for the same event.
%hat new things have you had to learn to ma"e this final product&
I have had to learn how to use a wide range of tools on 1hotoshop which I didnt "now how to before, and have been
able to use them a lot more effectively to ma"e my final product loo" good and professional.
Production process
.ow competent have you been in putting your final piece together&
I thin" I have been very competent as I have tried to use a wide range of s"ills in ma"ing my final product on
1hotoshop and have done it do the best standard I can.
.ow easy*difficult have you found creating images and ideas& %hat could ma"e this easier&
I didnt find it too difficult when creating images and ideas, this is because I thin" the research I did beforehand helped
a lot and developed my ideas even further. -he most difficult thing for me was selecting the layout and how I wanted
my final product to loo" li"e, I had already chosen my colours and images but where to put them was the hardest thing
for me to decide on. 4verall though, I didnt find this too challenging.
Describe your time management over this pro+ect.
I thin" I have managed my time well, this is because I was enthusiastic about this unit as I love designing
things, I really got into it and carried out research which helped me with my final products.
Alice Murray