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CLOSED SESSION MINUTES FRANCONIA BOARD OF SELECTMEN MEETING Monday, March 3, 2008 At 4:05 PM the Board made a motion to yo into non-public session under RSA 91-A:3, (a) to discuss a compensation proposal that was brought to the Board in August 20 Scott Knowlton, Road Agent of the Highway Dept. Carl Belz apologized to Scott Knowlton for the untimely response of the Board on this, Rich McLeod gave his input regarding the proposal stating that no other employee in Town has the same situation as Scott as far as the amount of overtime hours he is required to work. Originally, Rich had some concern about granting this to Scott ver other employees of the town but sees Scott’s situation as unique compared to other employees requirement of hours worked, Rich was ready to accept Scott's request Carleen Quinn asked if the original proposal had changed at all. Scott replied, no. Carleen was all for the proposal and said she thought Scott did an excellent job. Carl Belz asked about the timing of the proposal. Scott Knowlton said the timing was perfect right now. As of the past weekend Scott had met his required amount of overtime hours and comp time hours worked for the town to start being paid his proposed overtime. There was n about the Highway Department's budget and how things are fairing due to the busy winter that is still on going. Scott said his budget is okay but he may have 10 eliminate some of the plans he had for the roads to offset costs of the stormy winter Carl Belz concurred with his two colleagues and offered his acceptance of the proposal as well. A letter of agreement will be drawn up to retroactively include January 1, 2008 as the start date through December 31, 2008 showing that Scott will work his 120 hours plus work an additional 80 hours to be received in comp time and hours worked over the 200 will be paid out as overtime, Rich McLeod made a motion to accept the proposal submitted by Scott Knowlton to pay out overtime over the required 200 hours given to town and comp. ‘The motion was seconded and all three Board members voted unanimously to accept the proposal Scott Knowlton made a request that the minutes of this non-public session be sealed There was discussion about this and it was not resolved at the meeting Scatt Knowlton spoke to the Board on behalf of some of the town employees who have concems about recent information that had been made public via an intemet blog. Scott and the employees saised concem about evaluations and salaries, which are confidential getting out into the public, Carl Belz encouraged discussion of this. Carl Belz was trying to determine if the course of discussion warranted staying in non-public session or not? ‘The Board decided to remain in non-public session under RSA 91-A:3, II(c) until they got legal advice on whether RSA’s had been violated regarding confidentiality Scott explained that he and his co-workers are looking for direction from the Bourd and are concerned that they may be the next targets of the blog. Carl told Scott to please relay his deepest concern to the other employees. Rich questioned how this information got ont? Carleen Quinn said she spoke with Jeff Jesseman, She also said that she has kept the cmployee evaluations confidential. Seott Knowlton argued about Sally Small’s evaluation and raise in the blog. Carleen responded that her impression was that Sally Small’s evaluation was incomplete, as the Board had never sat down with her to discuss the results, Carl Belz concurred with this but disputed the mis-information that Sally had never had an evaluation, Carleen was firm on stating that she had not shared employee evaluations outside of the Board. Rich McLeod brought up the issue of Carleen taping the minutes of the meetings and asked who she shares the tapes with, Carleen said that she listens to the tapes herself to remind her of what took place at the meetings. The only tape she said she shared was the BOS meeting with the Life Squad regarding the Fire Departments complaint. This tape was shared with Fire Chief and Assistant Chief Carl Belz asked Carleen Quinn whether she felt responsible for anything that was written on Jeff Jessseman’s blog. Carleen responded, no that Jeff Jesseman could write whatever he wanted, There was discussion about minutes not being accurate. Carleen Quinn had concerns via the blog that minutes were being kept inaccurately, Carl Belz asked why Carleen did not speak up at the time of minute approval to amend any inaccuracies that she saw. Marilyn Knowlton also spoke to Carleen stating that if changes or amendments needed to be made to the minutes to please let her know at the time of approval so that she could make them then, Carleen said she understood that protocol ‘The question of whether or not to seal the minutes of this non-public session will be determined at next weeks Board of Selectmen's meeting after legal council had been sought, Rich McLeod made a motion to come out of non-public session, There was a second and the Board came out of non-public session at 4:50 PM. Respectfully Submitted Marilyn L, Knowlton Executive Assistant