WIDER Research Paper series 2004–2009

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RP2009/56 RP2009/55 RP2009/54 RP2009/53 Mats Lundahl and Lennart Petersson Luiz de Mello Alberto Trejos Jaap Voeten, Job de Haan, and Gerard de Groot İ. Semih Akçomak Mulu Gebreeyesus David B. Audretsch and Mark Sanders Sunil Mani Otto Toivanen Erik Stam and André van Stel Alice H. Amsden Wim Naudé A. Leticia Arroyo Abad and Amelia U. SantosPaulino Pinaki Chakraborty and Yan Zhang Augustin Kwasi Fosu Diego B. Avanzini James A. Robinson Thomas Gries and Wim Naudé Robert Loon Andrés Solimano Arvind Subramanian Markus Jäntti and Juhana Vartiainen Post-Apartheid South Africa: An Economic Success Story? Brazil’s Growth Performance: Achievements and Prospects Country Role Models for Development Success: The Case of Costa Rica Is that Innovation?: Assessing Examples of Revitalized Economic Dynamics among Clusters of Small Producers in Northern Vietnam Incubators as Tools for Entrepreneurship Promotion in Developing Countries Innovation and Microenterprises Growth in Ethiopia Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Development Growth of Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurship in India, 1991–2007 Innovation Policy, Entrepreneurship, and Development: A Finnish View Types of Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth Firm Ownership, FOEs, and POEs Entrepreneurship is not a Binding Constraint on Growth and Development in the Poorest Countries Trading Inequality? Insights from the Two Globalizations in Latin America Economic Reforms and Infrastructure Spending: Evidence from China and India Country Role Models for Development Success: The Ghana Case Designing Composite Entrepreneurship Indicators: An Application Using Consensus PCA Botswana as a Role Model for Country Success When to Start a New Firm?: Modelling the Timing of Novice and Serial Entrepreneurs The Omani and Bahraini Paths to Development: Rare and Contrasting Oil-based Economic Success Stories Three Decades of Neoliberal Economics in Chile: Achievements, Failures and Dilemmas The Mauritian Success Story and its Lessons The Finnish Developmental State and its Growth Regime

RP2009/52 RP2009/51 RP2009/50 RP2009/49 RP2009/48 RP2009/47 RP2009/46 RP2009/45 RP2009/44

RP2009/43 RP2009/42 RP2009/41 RP2009/40 RP2009/39 RP2009/38 RP2009/37 RP2009/36 RP2009/35


RP2009/34 RP2009/33 RP2009/32 RP2009/31 RP2009/30 RP2009/29

Keun Lee Yang Yao Mina Baliamoune-Lutz Nirvikar Singh John Thoburn Annina Kaltenbrunner and Machiko Nissanke Evans Jadotte Wim Naudé Nanak Kakwani, Marcelo Neri, and Hyun H. Son Beatrice Weder and Rolf Weder Paul Teague Ådne Cappelen and Lars Mjøset Fukunari Kimura Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada Milo Bianchi John Bennett Bengt-Åke Lundvall Jan Svejnar, and Milica Uvalic Wim Naudé, and Stephanié Rossouw Vladimir Popov

RP2009/28 RP2009/27 RP2009/26

RP2009/25 RP2009/24 RP2009/23 RP2009/22 RP2009/21 RP2009/20 RP2009/19 RP2009/18 RP2009/17 RP2009/16 RP2009/15

How Can Korea be a Role Model for Catch-up Development?: A ‘Capability-based View’ Disinterested Government: An Interpretation of China's Economic Success in the Reform Era Tunisia's Development Experience: A Success Story? India's Development Strategy: Accidents, Design and Replicability Vietnam as a Role Model for Development The Case for an Intermediate Exchange Rate Regime with Endogenizing Market Structures and Capital Mobility International Migration, Remittances and Labour Supply: The Case of the Republic of Haiti ‘Rushing in where Angels Fear to Tread?’: The Early Internationalization of Indigenous Chinese Firms Linkages between Pro-Poor Growth, Social Programmes and Labour Market: The Recent Brazilian Experience Switzerland’s Rise to a Wealthy Nation: Competition and Contestability as Key Success Factors Developing Ireland: Committing to Economic Openess and Building Domestic Institutional Capabilities Can Norway be a Role Model for Natural Resource Abundant Countries? Japan’s Model of Economic Development: Relevant and Nonrelevant Elements for Developing Economies Entrepreneurship and Welfare Credit Constraints, Entrepreneurial Talent, and Economic Development Informal Firms in Developing Countries: Entrepreneurial Stepping Stone or Consolation Prize? The Danish Model and the Globalizing Learning Economy: Lessons for Developing Countries The Czech Transition: The Importance of Microeconomic Fundamentals Early International Entrepreneurship in China: Extent and Determinants Lessons from the Transition Economies: Putting the Success Stories of the Postcommunist World into a Broader Perspective A Two-thirds Rate of Success: Polish Transformation and Economic Development, 1989-2008 Hungary: The Janus-faced Success Story Entrepreneurship, Economic Growth and Policy in Emerging Economies High-Growth Entrepreneurial Firms in Africa: A Quantile Regression Approach Measuring Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

RP2009/14 RP2009/13 RP2009/12 RP2009/11 RP2009/10

Grzegorz W. Kolodko László Csaba Roy Thurik Micheline Goedhuys and Leo Sleuwaegen Sameeksha Desai



RP2009/08 RP2009/07 RP2009/06

Gerrit Rooks, Adam Szirmai, and Arthur Sserwanga Peter Nijkamp José Ernesto Amorós Rosemary Atieno

RP2009/05 RP2009/04 RP2009/03 RP2009/02

Ayal Kimhi Mina Baliamoune-Lutz Jun Du and Sourafel Girma Emmanuel Skoufias, Kathy Lindert, and Joseph Shapiro Wim Naudé


The Interplay of Human and Social Capital in Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: The Case of Uganda Entrepreneurship, Development,and the Spatial Context: Retrospect and Prospect Entrepreneurship and Quality of Institutions: A Developing-Country Approach Linkages, Access to Finance and the Performance of Small-Scale Enterprises in Kenya Entrepreneurship and Income Inequality in Southern Ethiopia Entrepreneurship and Reforms in Developing Countries Source of Finance, Growth and Firm Size – Evidence from China Globalization and the Role of Public Transfers in Redistributing Income in Latin America and the Caribbean Out with the sleaze, in with the ease: insufficient for entrepreneurial development? Political Regime, Private Investment, and Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries Trade with China and India and Manufacturing Labour Demand in Argentina Inequality and the Impact of Growth on Poverty: Comparative Evidence for Sub-Saharan Africa Growth and Trade Horizons for Asia: Long Term Forecasts for Regional Integration Structural Change, Technology, and Economic Growth: Brazil and the CIBS in a Comparative Perspective

RP2008/109 RP2008/108 RP2008/107 RP2008/106

Manop Udomkerdmongkol and Oliver Morrissey Lucio Castro and Daniel Saslavsky Augustin Kwasi Fosu David Roland-Holst, Jean-Pierre Verbiest, and Fan Zhai Mario Cimoli, Wellington Pereira, Gabriel Porcile, and Fábio Scatolin Rhys Jenkins Yongqing Wang and Guanghua Wan Manop Udomkerdmongkol Oliver Morrissey, and Holger Görg Kunwang Li, Ligang Song, and Xingjun Zhao Amelia U. Santos Paulino, Mariagrazia Squicciarini, and Peilei Fan Patrick Guillaumont Fiona Tregenna


RP2008/104 RP2008/103 RP2008/102

China’s Global Growth and Latin American Exports China’s Trade Imbalances: The Role of FDI Exchange Rates and Outward Foreign Direct Investment: US FDI in Emerging Economies Component Trade and China’s Global Economic Integration R&D (Re)location: A Bird’s Eye (Re)view

RP2008/101 RP2008/100

RP2008/99 RP2008/98

An Economic Vulnerability Index: Its Design and Use for International Development Policy Sectoral Engines of Growth in South Africa: An Analysis of Services and Manufacturing


RP2008/97 RP2008/96

Moritz Cruz Miao Fu, Xiaolan Fu, and Tieli Li Jean-Yves Gnabo, Luiz de Mello, and Diego Moccero Kailei Wei, Shujie Yao, and Aying Liu Wim Naudé and Riaan Rossouw Alexis Habi Yaremye


RP2008/94 RP2008/93 RP2008/92

RP2008/91 RP2008/90 RP2008/89

Sebastián Claro Yevgeny Kuznetsov Adegboyega Ojo, Tomasz Janowski, Rilwan Basanya, and Mike Reed Henri Bezuidenhout and Wim Naudé Kunal Sen Nader Nazmi and Julio E. Revilla Wim Naudé Jean-Raphael Chaponnière, Jean-Pierre Cling, and Bin Zhou Tilman Brück and Kati Schindler Yuan Zhang and Guanghua Wan Daniela Marconi and Valeria Rolli Jorge Saba Arbache and John Page Shekhar Aiyar, Andrew Berg, and Mumtaz Hussain Lisa Chauvet and Patrick Guillaumont

Can Free Trade Guarantee Gains from Trade? International and Intra-national Technology Spillovers and Technology Development Paths in Developing Countries: The Case of China Interdependencies between Monetary Policy and Foreign Exchange Intervention under Inflation Targeting: The Case of Brazil and the Czech Republic Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Inequality in China Export Diversification and Specialization in South Africa: Extent and Impact Economic Proximity and Technology Flows: South Africa’s Influence and the Role of Technological Interaction in Botswana’s Diversification Effort FDI Liberalization as a Source of Comparative Advantage in China Innovation Systems, Radical Transformation, Step-byStep: India in Light of China Developing and Harnessing Software Technology in the South: The Roles of China, India, Brazil, and South Africa Foreign Direct Investment and Trade in the Southern African Development Community International Trade and Manufacturing Employment Outcomes in India: A Comparative Study Economic Efficiency and Growth: Evidence from Brazil, China, and India Conflict, Disasters, and No Jobs: Reasons for International Migration from Sub-Saharan Africa Vietnam Following in China’s Footsteps: The Third Wave of Emerging Asian Economies The Impact of Conflict and Fragility on Households: A Conceptual Framework with Reference to Widows Can We Predict Vulnerability to Poverty? Comparative Advantage Patterns and Domestic Determinants in Emerging Countries: An Analysis with a Focus on Technology Hunting for Leopards: Long-Run Country Income Dynamics in Africa The Macroeconomic Management of Increased Aid: Policy Lessons from Recent Experience Aid, Volatility and Growth Again: When Aid Volatility Matters and When It Does Not

RP2008/88 RP2008/87 RP2008/86 RP2008/85 RP2008/84

RP2008/83 RP2008/82 RP2008/81

RP2008/80 RP2008/79




RP2008/76 RP2008/75 RP2008/74


Christopher Adam, Edward Buffie, Stephen O’Connell, and Catherine Pattillo Gil S. Epstein and Ira N. Gang Mina Baliamoune-Lutz and George Mavrotas Giovanni Andrea Cornia, Stefano Rosignoli and Luca Tiberti Marion Pircher

Monetary Policy Rules for Managing Aid Surges in Africa

Poverty and Governance: The Contest for Aid Aid Effectiveness: Looking at the Aid-Social CapitalGrowth Nexus Globalization and Health: Impact Pathways and Recent Evidence What Lessons have been learnt since the East Asian Crisis in 1997/98? CIBS, Capital Flows, and Exchange Rates The Service Sector Revolution in India: A Quantitative Analysis On the Non-Contractual Nature of Donor-Recipient Interaction in Development Assistance Entrepreneurship and Regional Economic Growth: Towards A General Theory of Start-Ups National Policies to Attract FDI in R&D: An Assessment of Brazil and Selected Countries

RP2008/72 RP2008/71 RP2008/70 RP2008/69

Rubina Verma S. Mansoob Murshed Thomas Gries and Wim Naudé Mariana Zanatta, Eduardo Strachman, Flavia Carvalho, Pollyana C. Varrichio, Edilaine Camillo, and Mariana Barra Ricardo Gottschalk and Cecilia Azevedo Sodre Suparna Chakraborty Thomas Gries and Margarete Redlin Anushree Sinha and Haider Khan Slobodan Djajić Tejashree Sayanak and Sajal Lahiri Thomas Gries and Wim Naudé Marlene Attzs

RP2008/68 RP2008/67 RP2008/66 RP2008/65 RP2008/64 RP2008/63 RP2008/62 RP2008/61

The Liberalization of Capital Outflows in CIBS: What Opportunities for Other Developing Countries? Indian Economic Growth: Lessons for the Emerging Economies International Integration and Regional Development in China Gender and Informal Sector Analysis in India: Economy Wide Approaches Foreign Aid, Infrastructure Development, and Welfare: An Intertemporal Analysis Foreign Aid as Prize: Incentives for a Pro-Poor Policy Entrepreneurship and Structural Economic Transformation Natural Disasters and Remittances: Exploring the Linkages between Poverty, Gender, and Disaster Vulnerability in Caribbean SIDS Beyond Industrialization: New Approaches to Development Strategy Based on the Service Sector Identification of Regional Fundamental Economic Structure (FES) of India: An Input-Output and Field of Influence Approach China and the Future of the Developing World: The Coming Global-Asian Era and its Consequences

RP2008/60 RP2008/59

Peter Sheehan Sudhir K. Thakur


Jeffrey Henderson


RP2008/57 RP2008/56 RP2008/55

Mariano Rojas Haider A. Khan Lino Briguglio, Gordon Cordina, Nadia Farrugia, and Stephanie Vella Wim Naudé, Mark McGillivray, and Stephanié Rossouw Harsha Aturupane, Anil B. Deolalikar, and Dileni Gunewardena Calum G. Turvey and Rong Kong Patrick Guillaumont, Catherine Korachais, and Julie Subervie Jörn Birkmann

Intra-Household Arrangements and Health Satisfaction: Evidence from Mexico China’s Development Strategy and Energy Security: Growth, Distribution and Regional Cooperation Economic Vulnerability and Resilience: Concepts and Measurements


Measuring the Vulnerability of Subnational Regions


The Determinants of Child Weight and Height in Sri Lanka: A Quantile Regression Approach Vulnerability, Trust and Microcredit: The Case of China’s Rural Poor How Macroeconomic Instability Lowers Child Survival

RP2008/52 RP2008/51



RP2008/48 RP2008/47 RP2008/46

B. Valentine Joseph Gandhi, M. Cynthia Serquiña Bantilan, and Devanathan Parthasarathy Karen Macours and Renos Vakis Anis Chowdhury David Carment, Stewart Prest, and Yiagadeesen Samy S. Mansoob Murshed and Philip Verwimp Mina Baliamoune-Lutz and Mark McGillivray Sumon Kumar Bhaumik, Ira N. Gang, and Myeong-Su Yun Colin Andrews and Margarita Flores Kate Bird and Martin Prowse Raghav Gaiha and Katsushi Imai Yuqing Xing

Assessing Vulnerability Before, During and After a Natural Disaster in Fragile Regions: Case Study of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami in Sri Lanka and Indonesia Livelihood Risk from HIV in Semi-Arid Tropics of Rural Andhra Pradesh

Seasonal Migration and Early Childhood Development Growth Oriented Macroeconomic Policies for Small Islands Economies: Lessons from Singapore Determinants of State Fragility and Implications for Aid Allocation: An Assessment Based on the Country Indicators for Foreign Policy Project Enforcing Peace Agreements through Commitment Technologies State Fragility: Concept and Measurement Gender and Ethnicity in Post-Conflict Kosovo

RP2008/45 RP2008/44 RP2008/43

RP2008/42 RP2008/41 RP2008/40 RP2008/39

Vulnerability to Hunger: Improving Food Crisis Responses in Fragile States Vulnerability, Poverty and Coping in Zimbabwe Measuring Vulnerability and Poverty: Estimates for Rural India China’s Exports in ICT and its Impact on Asian Countries



RP2008/37 RP2008/36

Shujie Yao, Zhongwei Han, and Genfu Feng Yuefen Li and Bin Zhang Xuan Li

RP2008/35 RP2008/34 RP2008/33 RP2008/32

Ghassan Dibeh Terry Cannon Jun Zhang Thomas Gries, Wim Naudé, and Marianne Matthee Peilei Fan Liangzhi You Maurizio Bussolo, Rafael E. De Hoyos, Denis Medvedev, and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe Amelia U. Santos-Paulino Alessandra Guariglia and Amelia U. Santos-Paulino Oleksiy Ivaschenko and Cem Mete Martin Heger, Alex Julca, and Oliver Paddison John Henley, Stefan Kratzsch, Mithat Külür, and Tamer Tandogan T. H. Gindling and Katherine Terrell Ernesto Aguayo-Tellez, Marc-Andreas Muendler, and Jennifer Pamela Poole Marie-Claude Martin Wim Naudé Sumei Tang, E. A. Selvanathan and S. Selvanathan

Ownership Reform, Foreign Competition, and Efficiency of Chinese Commercial Banks: A NonParametric Approach Development Path of China and India and the Challenges for their Sustainable Growth The Impact of Higher Standards in Patent Protection for Pharmaceutical Industries under the TRIPS Agreement: A Comparative Study of China and India Resources and the Political Economy of State Fragility in Conflict States: Iraq and Somalia Reducing People’s Vulnerability to Natural Hazards: Communities and Resilience China’s Economic Growth: Trajectories and Evolving Institutions The Optimal Distance to Port for Exporting Firms

RP2008/31 RP2008/30 RP2008/29

Innovation Capacity and Economic Development: China and India A Tale of Two Countries: Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Rice Productivity in China and Brazil Global Growth and Distribution: Are China and India Reshaping the World?

RP2008/28 RP2008/27 RP2008/26 RP2008/25 RP2008/24

Export Productivity and Specialization in China, Brazil, India and South Africa Export Productivity, Finance, and Economic Growth: Are the Southern Engines of Growth Different? Asset-Based Poverty in Rural Tajikistan: Who Climbs out and Who Falls in? Analysing the Impact of Natural Hazards in Small Economies: The Caribbean Case Foreign Direct Investment from China, India and South Africa in Sub-Saharan Africa: A New or Old Phenomenon? Minimum Wages, Globalization, and Poverty in Honduras Globalization and Formal Sector Migration in Brazil

RP2008/23 RP2008/22

RP2008/21 RP2008/20 RP2008/19

Individual and Collective Resources and Health in Morocco Entrepreneurship in Economic Development Foreign Direct Investment, Domestic Investment, and Economic Growth in China: A Time Series Analysis



RP2008/17 RP2008/16 RP2008/15

RP2008/14 RP2008/13 RP2008/12 RP2008/11 RP2008/10 RP2008/09 RP2008/08 RP2008/07 RP2008/06 RP2008/05 RP2008/04 RP2008/03 RP2008/02 RP2008/01

Globalization and Smallholders: The Adoption, Diffusion, and Welfare Impact of Non-traditional Export Crops in Guatemala Remittances and Vulnerability to Poverty in Rural Mexico Anthony Shorrocks Ungrouping Income Distributions: Synthesising and Guanghua Wan Samples for Inequality and Poverty Analysis Kavita Sethuraman The Role of Women’s Empowerment and Domestic Violence in Child Growth and Undernutrition in a Tribal and Rural Community in South India Manoel Bittencourt Inflation and Financial Development: Evidence from Brazil Yanrui Wu Comparing Regional Development in China and India Ligang Song and Yu Sheng The Impact of Reform on Economic Growth in China: A Principal Component Analysis Rhys Jenkins Measuring the Competitive Threat from China Silvia Nenci The Rise of the Southern Economies: Implications for the WTO-Multilateral Trading System Fang Cai Approaching a Triumphal Span: How Far Is China Towards its Lewisian Turning Point? Mahvash Saeed Qureshi Trade Expansion of China and India: Threat or Opportunity and Guanghua Wan Sanjeev Gupta Enhancing Effective Utilization of Aid in Fragile States Gary S. Fields and María Earnings Mobility in Times of Growth and Decline: Argentina from 1996 to 2003 Laura Sánchez Puerta Gurleen K. Popli Trade Liberalization and the Self-employed in Mexico Alok Bhargava Globalization, Literacy Levels, and Economic Development Mark McGillivray Aid and Growth in Fragile States and Simon Feeny Jarko Fidrmuc and China in the World Economy: Dynamic Correlation Analysis of Business Cycles Ivana Bátorová A. J. E. Charman Empowering Women Through Livelihoods Orientated Agricultural Service Provision: A Consideration of Evidence from Southern Africa Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis and Gautam Hazarika Daniel Gbetnkom Milla Nyyssölä Milla Nyyssölä Clive J. Mutunga John Knight Robert Picciotto Mohammad Mokammel Karim Toufique and Mohammad A. Razzaque Household Access to Microcredit and Children’s Food Security in Rural Malawi: A Gender Perspective Forest Management, Gender, and Food Security of the Rural Poor in Africa Women’s Status and Child Labour in Nepal Women’s Status and Children’s Food Security in Nepal Environmental Determinants of Child Mortality in Kenya China, South Africa and the Lewis Model Development Effectiveness at the Country Level Domestic Violence Against Women: Its Determinants and Implications for Gender Resource Allocation

Calogero Carletto, Angeli Kirk, Paul Winters, and Benjamin Davis Alejandro de la Fuente

RP2007/87 RP2007/86 RP2007/85 RP2007/84 RP2007/83 RP2007/82 RP2007/81 RP2007/80



RP2007/78 RP2007/77

Mohammad A. Razzaque and Mohammad Mokammel Karim Toufique Subha Mani James B. Davies, Susanna Sandström, Anthony Shorrocks, and Edward N. Wolff Janice E. Perlman Howard White David E. Sahn and Stephen D. Younger Stefan Dercon Alfred J. Field and Erica Field Susanna Wolf Abena D. Oduro and Isaac Osei-Akoto Elizabeth Asiedu and Kwabena GyimahBrempong Francis Menjo Baye

Does Women’s Status Matter for Food Security? Evidence from Bangladesh

The Role of the Household and Community in Determining Child Health Estimating the Level and Distribution of Global Household Wealth

RP2007/76 RP2007/75 RP2007/74

RP2007/73 RP2007/72 RP2007/71 RP2007/70 RP2006/69


RP2007/67 RP2007/66

Reza C. Daniels Steve Onyeiwu, Raluca Iorgulescu Polimeni, and John M. Polimeni Augustin Kwasi Fosu and Andrew Mold David Mayer-Foulkes Arjan de Haan and Max Everest-Phillips Eva Jespersen and Julia Benn

Globalization and the Urban Poor Evaluating Aid Impact Inequality and Poverty in Africa in an Era of Globalization: Looking Beyond Income to Health and Education Globalization and Marginalization in Africa: Poverty, Risk, and Vulnerability in Rural Ethiopia Globalization, Crop Choice and Property Rights in Rural Peru, 1994-2004 Does Aid Improve Public Service Delivery? Market Participation and Rural Poverty in Ghana in the Era of Globalization The Effect of the Liberalization of Investment Policies on Employment and Investment of Multinational Corporations in Africa Changing Land-tenure Arrangements and Access to Primary Assets under Globalization: A Case Study of Two Villages in Anglophone Cameroon Gender Dimensions to the Incidence of Tariff Liberalization Distributional Impact of Globalization-Induced Migration: Evidence from a Nigerian Village

RP2007/65 RP2007/64 RP2007/63 RP2007/62

Gains from Trade: Implications for Labour Market Adjustment and Poverty Reduction in Africa Globalization and the Human Development Trap Can Aid New Modalities Handle Politics? Issues to Consider in Assessing International Support for Realizing Children’s Rights: A Reflection on Aid Modalities and Transparency in Reporting, and a Review of Aid for Basic Social Services Japan’s National Economic Identity and African Development: An Analysis of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development The Impact of Foreign Aid in Education Growth: How Relevant is the Heterogeneity of Aid Flows and the Heterogeneity of Aid Recipients?


Howard P. Lehman


Elizabeth Asiedu and Boaz Nandwa


RP2007/59 RP2007/58


RP2007/56 RP2007/55 RP2007/54

Danny Cassimon and Bjorn Van Campenhout Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Phillippe G. Leite and Matthew Wai-Poi Servaas van der Berg, Ronelle Burger and Megan Louw Kala Seetharam Sridhar and Guanghua Wan Jeffery I. Round Vasco Molini and Maarten Nubé Craig Gundersen, Yemisi Kuku and Thomas Kelly Nathalie Holvoet and Robrecht Renard Graham Brown, Frances Stewart, and Arnim Langer David Fielding Helen S. Toxopeus and Robert Lensink Richard Pomfret Howard White and Nina Blöndal Simon Feeny and Mark Rogers Dirk-Jan Koch

Aid Effectiveness, Debt Relief and Public Finance Response: Evidence from a Panel of HIPCs Trade Liberalization, Employment Flows and Wage Inequality in Brazil Post-Apartheid South Africa: Poverty and Distribution Trends in an Era of Globalization Firm Location Choice in Cities: Evidence from China, India, and Brazil Globalization, Growth, Inequality and Poverty in Africa: A Macroeconomic Perspective Is the Nutritional Status of Males and Females Equally Affected by Economic Growth? Evidence from Vietnam in the 1990s Differences in Food Insecurity between Girls and Boys: Evidence from Zimbabwe Monitoring and Evaluation Reform under Changing Aid Modalities: Seeking the Middle Ground in AidDependent Low-Income Countries The Implications of Horizontal Inequality for Aid




RP2007/50 RP2007/49 RP2007/48 RP2007/47 RP2007/46 RP2007/45

Aid and Dutch Disease in the South Pacific Remittances and Financial Inclusion in Development Coordinating Aid for Regional Cooperation Projects: The Experience of Central Asia Projecting Progress toward the Millennium Development Goals Public Sector Efficiency and Small Island Developing States Blind Spots on the Map of Aid Allocations: Concentration and Complementarity of International NGO Aid Migration Taxes and Human Capital Formation: Some Implications for Development Gearing Macroeconomic Policies to Manage Large Inflows of ODA: The Implications for HIV/AIDS Programmes Toward the Enhanced Effectiveness of Foreign Aid Postconflict Countries: Strategy for Rebuilding Fiscal Institutions

RP2007/44 RP2007/43

Saibal Kar Anis Chowdhury and Terry McKinley Gustav Ranis Sanjeev Gupta, Shamsuddin Tareq, Benedict Clements, Alex Segura-Ubiergo, and Rina Bhattacharya Patrick Guillaumont

RP2007/42 RP2007/41


Assessing the Economic Vulnerability of Small Island Developing States and the Least Developed Countries



Michael Hubbard

RP2007/38 RP2007/37 RP2007/36

Henrik Hansen and Derek Headey Ghassan Dibeh Augustin Kwasi Fosu

RP2007/35 RP2007/34

Richard M. Auty B. Bhaskara Rao, Kanhaiya Lal Sharma, Rup Singh, and Nalini Lata Machiko Nissanke and Benno Ferrarini Sakiko Fukuda-Parr S. Subramanian Lisa Chauvet, Paul Collier, and Anke Hoeffler Balázs Szent-Iványi Robert Read John Muellbauer Amelia U. Santos-Paulino Chakriya Bowman and Satish Chand Anis Chowdhury and Yogi Vidyattama Richard P.C. Brown and Eliana Jimenez Catalina AmuedoDorantes, Susan Pozo, and Carlos Vargas-Silva Lisa Borgatti Amelia U. Santos-Paulino Roland Craigwell Matthew Clarke, Tim Fry, and Sandra Mihajilo

Entitlement, Rules, Coordination, Club, Market and Hierarchy - General Budget Support Practice and Theory: Implications of Results of the Joint Evaluation of General Budget Support The Short-Run Macroeconomic Impact of Foreign Aid to Small States: An Agnostic Timeseries Analysis Foreign Aid and Economic Development in Postwar Lebanon The External Debt-Servicing Constraint and Public Expenditure Composition: Evidence from African Economies Aid and Rent-Driven Growth: Mauritania, Kenya and Mozambique Compared A Survey of Growth and Development Issues of the Pacific Islands Assessing the Aid Allocation and Debt Sustainability Framework: Working Towards Incentive Compatible Aid Contracts Rethinking the Policy Objectives of Development Aid: From Economic Growth to Conflict Prevention International Aid in Light of Global Poverty and Inequality: Some Unsubtle Propositions The Cost of Failing States and the Limits to Sovereignty State Fragility and International Development Cooperation Foreign Direct Investment in Small Island Developing States Housing and Personal Wealth in a Global Context Trade Sustainability and Aid under Liberalization in Fragile Least Developed Countries Size Matters: The Impact of Aid on Institutions Macroeconomic Policies for Growth in Small Pacific Island Economies Estimating the Net Effects of Migration and Remittances on Poverty and Inequality: Comparison of Fiji and Tonga Remittances and the Macroeconomy: The Case of Small Island Developing States Pacific Islands’ Bilateral Trade: The Role of Remoteness and of Transport Costs Terms of Trade Shocks and the Current Account in Small Island States Tourism Competitiveness in Small Island Developing States Aid Allocation Volatility to Small Island States


RP2007/32 RP2007/31 RP2007/30 RP2007/29 RP2007/28 RP2007/27 RP2007/26 RP2007/25 RP2007/24 RP2007/23


RP2007/21 RP2007/20 RP2007/19 RP2007/18



Markus Jäntti and Eva Sierminska Lisa Chauvet, Paul Collier, and Anke Hoeffler Julliet Wanjiku, John Uhuru Manyengo, Willis Oluoch-Kosura, and Joseph T. Karugia Indranil Dutta

RP2007/16 RP2007/15

Survey Estimates of Wealth Holdings in OECD Countries: Evidence on the Level and Distribution across Selected Countries Paradise Lost: The Costs of State Failure in the Pacific Gender Differentiation in the Analysis of Alternative Farm Mechanization Choices on Small Farms in Kenya

RP2007/14 RP2007/13 RP2007/12 RP2007/11 RP2007/10 RP2007/09 RP2007/08 RP2007/07


RP2007/05 RP2007/04 RP2007/03 RP2007/02 RP2007/01

The Burden of Government Debt in the Indian States: Implications for the MDG Poverty Target Pranab Kumar Das and Finance and Growth: An Empirical Assessment of the Indian Economy Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis Tomoki Fujii and How Does Vietnam’s Accession to the World Trade David Roland-Holst Organization Change the Spatial Incidence of Poverty? Marianne Matthee Export Diversity and Regional Growth: Empirical Evidence from South Africa and Wim Naudé Marianne Matthee The Determinants of Regional Manufactured Exports from a Developing Country and Wim Naudé Wim Naudé and The Geographical Location of Manufacturing Exporters in South Africa Marianne Matthee Jun Zhang, The Financial Deepening–Productivity Nexus in China: Guanghua Wan, and Yu Jin 1987–2001 Guanghua Wan Explaining the Poverty Difference between Inland and Coastal China: A Regression-based Decomposition and Yin Zhang Approach Hugh Waters, Rehabilitating Health Systems in Post-Conflict Situations Brinnon Garrett, and Gilbert Burnham Guanghua Wan Regional Income Inequality in Rural China, 1985-2002: Trends, Causes and Policy Implications Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis Rights-based Approach to Development: Lessons from the Right to Food Movement in India and S. Vivek Shi Li and Renwei Zhao Changes in the Distribution of Wealth in China, 19952002 Ruslan Yemtsov Housing Privatization and Household Wealth in Transition Duangkamon Global Inequality: Recent Evidence and Trends Chotikapanich, D.S. Prasada Rao, William E. Griffiths, and Vicar Valencia The Evolution of the Development Doctrine, 1950-2005 Poverty, Pro-Poor Growth and Mobility: A Decomposition Framework with Application to China China’s Regional Inequality in Innovation Capability, 1995-2004 Poverty Reduction in China: Trends and Causes

RP2006/155 RP2006/154 RP2006/153 RP2006/152

Erik Thorbecke Yin Zhang and Guanghua Wan Peilei Fan and Guanghua Wan Yin Zhang and Guanghua Wan


RP2006/151 RP2006/150 RP2006/149 RP2006/148

Anthony B. Atkinson James C. MacGee Frances Stewart Sirkku K. Hellsten

RP2006/147 RP2006/146 RP2006/145 RP2006/144

Peter Burnell Meiyan Wang and Fang Cai Christian Rogg Yevgeny Kuznetsov and Charles Sabel Anthony P. D’Costa AnnaLee Saxenian Michael Herrmann Patrick Webb and Andrew Thorne-Lyman Guanghua Wan, Ming Lu, and Zhao Chen Ronelle Burger, Frikkie Booysen, Servaas van der Berg, and Michael von Maltitz Juliano Assunção Ying Chu Ng

RP2006/143 RP2006/142 RP2006/141 RP2006/140

RP2006/139 RP2006/138

Concentration among the Rich Land Titles, Credit Markets and Wealth Distributions Policies towards Horizontal Inequalities in PostConflict Reconstruction Ethics, Rhetoric and Politics of Post-conflict Reconstruction: How Can the Concept of Social Contract Help Us in Understanding How to Make Peace Work? The Coherence of Democratic Peace-Building Gender Wage Differentials in China’s Urban Labour Market Asset Portfolios in Africa: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia Global Mobility of Talent from a Perspective of New Industrial Policy: Open Migration Chains and Diaspora Networks The International Mobility of Technical Talent: Trends and Development Implications International Mobility of Engineers and the Rise of Entrepreneurship in the Periphery Agricultural Support Measures of Advanced Countries and Food Insecurity in Developing Countries Entitlement Failure from a Food Quality Perspective: The Life and Death Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Humanitarian Crises Globalization and Regional Income Inequality: Empirical evidence from within China Marketable Wealth in a Poor African Country: Using an index of consumer durables to investigate wealth accumulation by households in Ghana

RP2006/137 RP2006/136 RP2006/135


RP2006/133 RP2006/132 RP2006/131 RP2006/130

Land Reform and Landholdings in Brazil Gender Earnings Differentials and Regional Economic Development in Urban China, 1988-97 Terry Sicular, Ximing Yue, The Urban-Rural Income Gap and Inequality in China Björn Gustafsson, and Shi Li Duangkamon Estimating Income Inequality in China Using Grouped Data and the Generalized Beta Distribution Chotikapanich, D.S. Prasada Rao, and Kam Ki Tang Xin Meng, Robert Gregory, China Urban Poverty and its Contributing Factors, 1986-2000 and Guanghua Wan George Cheriyan Enforcing the Right to Food in India: Bottlenecks in Delivering the Expected Outcome Nira Ramachandran Women and Food Security in South Asia: Current Issues and Emerging Concerns Sangeeta Pratap and The Informal Sector in Developing Countries: Output, Erwan Quintin Assets and Employment


RP2006/129 RP2006/128 RP2006/127

Justin Yifu Lin and Peilin Liu Kai-yuen Tsui Ulrich Reuter

RP2006/126 RP2006/125

RP2006/124 RP2006/123 RP2006/122 RP2006/121 RP2006/120 RP2006/119 RP2006/118 RP2006/117 RP2006/116 RP2006/115 RP2006/114 RP2006/113 RP2006/112

Wang Xiaolu Peter S. Heller, Menachem Katz, Xavier Debrun, Theo Thomas, Taline Koranchelian and Isabell Adenauer Ramesh Chand Nilabja Ghosh and Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis Pradeep Bhargava and Manju Balana Xing Chunbing Sergei Guriev and Andrei Rachinsky Christian Romer Lovendal and Macro Knowles Brinda Viswanathan and J. V. Meenakshi Qin Gao S. Subramanian and D. Jayaraj Carmen Diana Deere and Cheryl R. Doss Florencia Torche and Seymour Spilerman Peter Evans Alemayehu Geda

Development Strategies and Regional Income Disparities in China Forces Shaping China’s Interprovincial Inequality What Kind of Education Does China Need? The Impact of Educational Attainment on Local Growth and Disparities Income Inequality in China and its Influencing Factors Making Fiscal Space Happen! Managing Fiscal Policy in a World of Scaled-Up Aid

International Trade, Food Security and the Response to the WTO in South Asian Countries Looking for Answers to the Food Security Problem: India under Current Compulsions Realizing the Right to Food in South Asia Human Capital and Wage Determination in Different Ownerships, 1989-97 The Evolution of Personal Wealth in the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe Tomorrow’s Hunger: A Framework for Analysing Vulnerability to Food Security The Changing Pattern of Undernutrition in India: A Comparative Analysis across Regions Social Benefits in Urban China: Determinants and Impact on Income Inequality in 1988 and 2002 The Distribution of Household Wealth in India Gender and the Distribution of Wealth in Developing Countries Household Wealth in Latin America Extending the ‘Institutional’ Turn: Property, Politics and Development Trajectories The Structure and Performance of Ethiopia’s Financial Sector in the Pre- and Post-Reform Period with a Special Focus on Banking On the Edge: The Role of Food-based Safety Nets in Helping Vulnerable Households Manage Food Insecurity Gender, HIV/AIDS and Rural Livelihoods: MicroLevel Investigations in Three African Countries


Lynn Brown and Ugo Gentilini John Curry, Esther Wiegers, Alessandra Garbero, Shannon Stokes, and John Hourihan Jean-Marc Coicaud



International Organizations as a Profession: Professional Mobility and Power Distribution


RP2006/108 RP2006/107 RP2006/106

Tony Addison Mehmet Arda J. Hodge and A. J. E. Charman Ying Ge Xavier Giné and Stefan Klonner Henry Ohlsson, Jesper Roine, and Daniel Waldenström Salvatore Capasso Thomas David and André Mach Mina Baliamoune-Lutz Janine Aron, John Muellbauer, and Johan Prinsloo Zhang-Yue Zhou and Guanghua Wan Rimjhim M. Aggarwal Zhicheng Liang Indranil Dutta, Craig Gundersen, and Prasanta K. Pattanaik Yin Zhang and Guanghua Wan Xiaobo Zhang Guanghua Wan, Ming Lu, and Zhao Chen Patrick Honohan Zhicheng Liang Patricio Aroca, Dong Guo, and Geoffrey J. D. Hewings Mauro Migotto, Benjamin Davis, Gero Carletto, and Kathleen Beegle

RP2006/105 RP2006/104


The International Mobility of Cultural Talent Food Retailing, Supermarkets and Food Security: Highlights from Latin America Analysis of the Potential Impact of the Current WTO Agricultural Negotiations on Government Strategies in the SADC Region Regional Inequality, Industry Agglomeration and Foreign Trade: The Case of China Credit Constraints as a Barrier to Technology Adoption by the Poor: Lessons from South-Indian Small-Scale Fishery Long-Run Changes in the Concentration of Wealth: An Overview of Recent Findings Stock Market Development and Economic Growth Institutions and Economic Growth: The Successful Experience of Switzerland (1870-1950) Financial Reform and the Mobilization of Domestic Savings: The Experience of Morocco Estimating the Balance Sheet of the Personal Sector in an Emerging Market Country: South Africa 1975-2003 The Public Distribution Systems of Foodgrains and Implications for Food Security: A Comparison of the Experiences of India and China Resource-Poor Farmers in South India: On the Margins or Frontiers of Globalization? Financial Development and Income Inequality in Rural China 1991-2000 Measures of Food Insecurity at the Household Level

RP2006/102 RP2006/101 RP2006/100 RP2006/99


RP2006/97 RP2006/96 RP2006/95

RP2006/94 RP2006/93 RP2006/92 RP2006/91 RP2006/90 RP2006/89

The Impacts of Growth and Inequality on Rural Poverty in China Fiscal Decentralization and Political Centralization in China: Implications for Growth and Inequality The Inequality–Growth Nexus in the Short and Long Runs: Empirical Evidence from China Household Financial Assets in the Process of Development Financial Development, Growth, and Regional Disparity in Post-Reform China Spatial Convergence in China: 1952-99


Measuring Food Security Using Respondents’ Perception of Food Consumption Adequacy



Machiko Nissanke and Ernest Aryeetey Pham Thi Thu Trà and Robert Lensink Iftekhar Hasan and Mingming Zhou Panicos O Demetriades and Bassam A Fattouh Kristian Thorn and Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen Stephen Bach Leonardo Burlamaqui, José A.P. de Souza, and Nelson H. Barbosa-Filho Sonia Bhalotra and Bernarda Zamora Sonia Bhalotra M. Sajjad Hassan Erik S. Reinert Tianbiao Zhu

RP2006/86 RP2006/85 RP2006/84 RP2006/83 RP2006/82 RP2006/81

Institutional Analysis of Financial Market Fragmentation in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Risk-Cost Configuration Approach The Determinants of Loan Contracts to Business Firms: Empirical Evidence from a Private Bank in Vietnam Financial Sector Development and Growth: The Chinese Experience Excess Credit and the South Korean Crisis International Mobility of Researchers and Scientists: Policy Options for Turning a Drain into a Gain International Mobility of Health Professionals: Brain Drain or Brain Exchange? The Rise and Halt of Economic Development in Brazil, 1945-2004: Industrial Catching-up, Institutional Innovation and Financial Fragility Primary Education in India: Prospects of Meeting the MDG Target Childhood Mortality and Economic Growth Reconstruction from Breakdown in Northeastern India: Building State Capability Institutionalism Ancient, Old and New: A Historical Perspective on Institutions and Uneven Development Rethinking Import-substituting Industrialization: Development Strategies and Institutions in Taiwan and China The Formation of a Mercantilist State and the Economic Growth of the United Kingdom 1453-1815 The Political Economy of Taxation and Tax Reform in Developing Countries Institutions and Economic Performance in Africa: A Comparative Analysis of Mauritius, Botswana and Uganda The Role of Federalism in Developing the US during Nineteenth-century Globalization Corporate Governance, Innovative Enterprise, and Economic Development National Food Policies Impacting on Food Security: The Experience of India, a Large Populated Country Gender, Local Knowledge, and Lessons Learnt in Documenting and Conserving Agrobiodiversity Food Security in the South Pacific Island Countries with Special Reference to the Fiji Islands Food Security in Vietnam during the 1990s: The Empirical Evidence Widening Gap of Educational Opportunity? A Longitudinal Study of Educational Inequality in China Development of Financial Intermediation and the Dynamics of Rural-Urban Inequality: China, 1978-98

RP2006/80 RP2006/79 RP2006/78 RP2006/77 RP2006/76

RP2006/75 RP2006/74 RP2006/73

Patrick Karl O’Brien Jonathan Di John Julius Kiiza

RP2006/72 RP2006/71 RP2006/70 RP2006/69 RP2006/68 RP2006/67 RP2006/66 RP2006/65

Eric Rauchway William Lazonick S. S. Acharya Yianna Lambrou and Regina Laub K. L. Sharma Vasco Molini Min-Dong Paul Lee Yiu Por Chen, Mingxing Liu, and Qi Zhang


RP2006/64 RP2006/63 RP2006/62 RP2006/61 RP2006/60 RP2006/59

Lars Osberg and Kuan Xu Guanghua Wan Marcia E. Greenberg and Elaine Zuckerman Margret Vidar Samuel K. Gayi Terutomo Ozawa

RP2006/58 RP2006/57 RP2006/56 RP2006/55 RP2006/54 RP2006/53 RP2006/52 RP2006/51

Yasuyuki Sawada and Jonna P. Estudillo Zhicheng Liang Nanak Kakwani and Hyun H. Son Nanak Kakwani and Hyun H. Son Gerald Epstein Meredith Woo-Cumings John Toye Alemayehu Geda, Abebe Shimeles and Daniel Zerfu Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis and Saibal Kar Sukti Dasgupta and Ajit Singh Justin Yifu Lin, Mingxing Liu, Shiyuan Pan, and Pengfei Zhang François Bourguignon and Mark Sundberg Machiko Nissanke and Erik Thorbecke M. S. Qureshi Yujiro Hayami Justin Yifu Lin and Peilin Liu Yin Zhang and Guanghua Wan

How Should We Measure Global Poverty in a Changing World? Poverty Accounting by Factor Components: With an Empirical Illustration Using Chinese Data The Gender Dimensions of Post-Conflict Reconstruction: The Challenges in Development Aid State Recognition of the Right to Food at the National Level Does the WTO Agreement on Agriculture Endanger Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa? Asia’s Labour-Driven Economic Development, FlyingGeese Style: An Unprecedented Opportunity for the Poor to Rise? Trade, Migration, and Poverty Reduction in the Globalizing Economy: The Case of the Philippines Threshold Estimation on the Globalization-Poverty Nexus: Evidence from China Pro-Poor Growth: The Asian Experience Evaluating Targeting Efficiency of Government Programmes: International Comparisons Central Banks as Agents of Economic Development The Rule of Law, Legal Traditions, and Economic Growth in East Asia Modern Bureaucracy Finance and Poverty in Ethiopia: A Household Level Analysis The Corporate Debt Market: A Firm-Level Panel Study for India Manufacturing, Services and Premature Deindustrialization in Developing Countries: A Kaldorian Analysis Development Strategy, Viability, and Economic Institutions: The Case of China

RP2006/50 RP2006/49


RP2006/47 RP2006/46 RP2006/45 RP2006/44 RP2006/43 RP2006/42

Absorptive Capacity and Achieving the MDGs A Quest for Pro-Poor Globalization Trade Liberalization, Environment and Poverty: A Developing Country Perspective Globalization and Rural Poverty: A Perspective from a Social Observatory in the Philippines Economic Development Strategy, Openness and Rural Poverty: A Framework and China’s Experiences Globalization and the Urban Poor in China


RP2006/41 RP2006/40 RP2006/39 RP2006/38

N.R. Bhanumurthy and Arup Mitra K. S. Kavi Kumar and Brinda Viswanathan Indranil Dutta Melanie Grosse, Kenneth Harttgen, and Stephan Klasen Mark Blackden, Sudharshan Canagarajah, Stephan Klasen, and David Lawson Frances Stewart Valpy FitzGerald Eric M. Uslaner Annelies Zoomers

Globalization, Growth and Poverty in India Vulnerability to Globalization in India: Relative Rankings of States Using Fuzzy Models The Burden of Government Debt in the Indian States: Implications for the MDG Poverty Target Measuring Pro-Poor Progress towards the Non-Income Millennium Development Goals Gender and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Issues and Evidence


RP2006/36 RP2006/35 RP2006/34 RP2006/33

RP2006/32 RP2006/31 RP2006/30 RP2006/29 RP2006/28 RP2006/27 RP2006/26

Richard Jolly Nancy Birdsall Nora Lustig Deepak Nayyar S. Mansoob Murshed Lakhwinder Singh Pertti Haaparanta and Heli Virta

RP2006/25 RP2006/24 RP2006/23

Stephen Knowles C. Leigh Anderson and Kostas Stamoulis David Fielding, Mark McGillivray, and Sebastian Torres Mihály Simai

Do We Need a New ‘Great Transformation’? Is One Likely? International Risk Tolerance, Capital Market Failure and Capital Flows to Emerging Markets Corruption and Inequality Three Decades of Rural Development Projects in Asia, Latin America, and Africa: Learning From Successes and Failures Inequality in Historical Perspective Stormy Days on an Open Field: Asymmetries in the Global Economy Investing in Health for Economic Development: The Case of Mexico Development through Globalization? Indivisibility, Fairness, Farsightedness and their Implications for Security Innovations, High-Tech Trade and Industrial Development: Theory, Evidence and Policy Decomposing Growth: Do Low-Income and HIPCs Differ from High-Income Countries? Growth, Technological Catch-up, Technological Change and Human and Physical Capital Deepening Is Social Capital Part of the Institutions Continuum and is it a Deep Determinant of Development? Applying Behavioural Economics to International Development Policy A Wider Approach to Aid Effectiveness: Correlated Impacts on Health, Wealth, Fertility and Education The Human Dimensions of the Global Development Process in the Early Part of the 21st Century: Critical Trends and New Challenges Institutions, Policies and Economic Development From Seers to Sen: The Meaning of Economic Development Migration in the Development Studies Literature: Has It Come Out of Its Marginality?


RP2006/21 RP2006/20 RP2006/19

Grzegorz W. Kolodko E. Wayne Nafziger Arjan de Haan



Marcia Byrom Hartwell

RP2006/17 RP2006/16

Robert J. McIntyre Richard M. Auty

RP2006/15 RP2006/14 RP2006/13 RP2006/12 RP2006/11 RP2006/10 RP2006/09 RP2006/08 RP2006/07 RP2006/06 RP2006/05 RP2006/04 RP2006/03 RP2006/02 RP2006/01

Farhad Noorbakhsh Lance Taylor Álvaro García Hurtado Guillermo Rozenwurcel Silvia Marchesi and Laura Sabani Giovanni Andrea Cornia and Leonardo Menchini Tony Addison Louis Emmerij Alessia Isopi and George Mavrotas Gil S. Epstein and Ira N. Gang Jan-Erik Antipin and George Mavrotas David Roodman Ayodele Odusola Samuel Fambon P.B. Anand

Violence in Peace: Understanding Increased Violence in Early Post-Conflict Transitions and Its Implications for Development Credit Co-operatives in Locally Financed Economic Development: Using Energy Efficiency as a Lever Patterns of Rent-Extraction and Deployment in Developing Countries: Implications for Governance, Economic Policy and Performance International Convergence or Higher Inequality in Human Development? Evidence for 1975 to 2002 Development Questions for 25 Years Development in Chile 1990-2005: Lessons from a Positive Experience Why Have All Development Strategies Failed in Latin America? Prolonged Use and Conditionality Failure: Investigating IMF Responsibility Health Improvements and Health Inequality during the Last 40 Years International Finance and the Developing World: The Next Twenty Years Turning Points in Development Thinking and Practice Aid Allocation and Aid Effectiveness: An Empirical Analysis Decentralizing Aid with Interested Parties On the Empirics of Aid and Growth: A Fresh Look Aid Project Proliferation and Absorptive Capacity Tax Policy Reforms in Nigeria Taxation in Developing Countries: Case Study of Cameroon Millennium Development Goal 7: An Assessment of Progress With Respect to Water and Sanitation: Legacy, Synergy, Complacency or Policy? Sources and Effectiveness of Financial Development: What We Know and What We Need to Know The Poverty Macroeconomic Policy Nexus: Some Short-run Analytics Does Financial Openness Promote Economic Integration? Some Evidence from Europe and the CIS The Effects of (within and with EU) Regional Integration: Impact on Real Effective Exchange Rate Volatility, Institutional Quality and Growth for MENA Countries Education, Financial Institutions, Inflation and Growth

RP2005/76 RP2005/75 RP2005/74 RP2005/73

Panicos O. Demetriades and Svetlana Andrianova George Mavrotas and S. Mansoob Murshed Fabrizio Carmignani and Abdur Chowdhury Leonardo Becchetti and Iftekhar Hasan


Leonardo Becchetti, Iftekhar Hasan, and George Mavrotas


RP2005/71 RP2005/70 RP2005/69

Peter Quartey Marco Mazzoli Niels Hermes and Robert Lensink Subal C. Kumbhakar and George Mavrotas Stephen Njuguna Karingi and Bernadette Wanjala Robert Darko Osei and Peter Quartey Alemayehu Geda and Abebe Shimeles Bram Thuysbaert and Ričardas Zitikis Rafael E. De Hoyos S. Subramanian Robert Osei, Oliver Morrissey, and Tim Lloyd Karuna Gomanee, Sourafel Girma, and Oliver Morrissey S. Subramanian Peter Quartey Ethan Ligon Yin Zhang and Guanghua Wan D. Jayaraj and S. Subramanian Mark McGillivray, Simon Feeny, Niels Hermes, and Robert Lensink Alice Sindzingre Liisa Laakso

RP2005/68 RP2005/67 RP2005/66 RP2005/65 RP2005/64 RP2005/63 RP2005/62 RP2005/61

Financial Sector Development, Savings Mobilization and Poverty Reduction in Ghana Financial Markets and R&D Investments: A DiscreteTime Model to Interpret Public Policies Does Financial Liberalization Influence Saving, Investment and Economic Growth? Evidence from 25 Emerging Market Economies, 1973-96 Financial Sector Development and Productivity Growth The Tax Reform Experience of Kenya Tax Reforms in Ghana Taxes and Tax Reform in Ethiopia, 1990-2003 Consistent Testing for Poverty Dominance The Microeconomics of Inequality, Poverty and Market Liberalizing Reforms Poverty Measurement and Theories of Beneficence The Fiscal Effects of Aid in Ghana


Aid and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Accounting for Transmission Mechanisms Reckoning Inter-group Poverty Differentials in the Measurement of Aggregate Poverty Innovative Ways of Making Aid Effective in Ghana: Tied Aid versus Direct Budgetary Support Poverty and the Welfare Costs of Risk Associated with Globalization Why Do Poverty Rates Differ From Region to Region? The Case of Urban China Out of School and (Probably) in Work: Child Labour and Capability Deprivation in India It Works; It Doesn’t; It Can, But That Depends…: 50 Years of Controversy over the Macroeconomic Impact of Development Aid Explaining Threshold Effects of Globalization on Poverty: An Institutional Perspective Beyond the Notion of Security Community: What Role for the African Regional Organizations in Peace and Security? Constitution Writing and Conflict Resolution Is the International Community Helping to Recreate the Pre-Conditions for War in Sierra Leone? Diamonds, Foreign Aid, and the Uncertain Prospects for Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Sierra Leone

RP2005/59 RP2005/58 RP2005/57 RP2005/56 RP2005/55 RP2005/54

RP2005/53 RP2005/52

RP2005/51 RP2005/50 RP2005/49

Jennifer Widner Joseph Hanlon J. Andrew Grant


RP2005/48 RP2005/47 RP2005/46 RP2005/45 RP2005/44 RP2005/43

Saman Kelegama Justine Nannyonjo Indranil Dutta and Ajit Mishra Léonce Ndikumana Ghassan Dibeh Pierluigi Montalbano, Alessandro Federici, Umberto Triulzi, and Carlo Pietrobelli P. B. Anand Jinhua Zhao Rhys Jenkins Anthony Enisan Akinlo Jiao Wang, David Mayes, and Guanghua Wan Almas Heshmati Adriaan Kalwij and Arjan Verschoor Alan V. Deardorff and Robert M. Stern Indranil Dutta and Ajit Mishra Carol Graham Kaushik Basu Henrik Hansen and John Rand Pranab Bardhan Martin Ravallion Rimjhim M. Aggarwal Gregory Graff, David Roland-Holst, and David Zilberman Roghieh Gholami, Sang-Yong Tom Lee and Almas Heshmati Abdur Chowdhury and George Mavrotas

Transforming Conflict with an Economic Dividend: The Sri Lankan Experience Conflicts, Poverty and Human Development in Northern Uganda Inequality, Corruption, and Competition in the Presence of Market Imperfections Distributional Conflict, the State, and Peacebuilding in Burundi The Political Economy of Postwar Reconstruction in Lebanon Trade Openness and Vulnerability in Central and Eastern Europe

RP2005/42 RP2005/41 RP2005/40 RP2005/39 RP2005/38 RP2005/37 RP2005/36

RP2005/35 RP2005/34 RP2005/33 RP2005/32 RP2005/31 RP2005/30 RP2005/29 RP2005/28 RP2005/27

Getting Infrastructure Priorities Right in Post-Conflict Reconstruction The Role of Information in Technology Adoption under Poverty Globalization, Production and Poverty Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Total Factor Productivity in Sub-Saharan African Countries Income Distribution and Labour Movement in China after WTO Membership: A CGE Analysis The Relationship between Income Inequality, Poverty, and Globalization A Decomposition of Poverty Trends across Regions: The Role of Variation in the Income and Inequality Elasticities of Poverty Globalization’s Bystanders: Does Trade Liberalization Hurt Countries that Do Not Participate? Does Inequality lead to Conflict? Globalization, Poverty, Inequality, and Insecurity: Some Insights from the Economics of Happiness Globalization, Poverty and Inequality: What Is the Relationship? What Can Be Done? On the Causal Links between FDI and Growth in Developing Countries Globalization and Rural Poverty Looking Beyond Averages in the Trade and Poverty Debate Globalization, Local Ecosystems, and the Rural Poor Biotechnology and Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries The Causal Relationship between ICT and FDI



FDI and Growth: A Causal Relationship



Elizabeth Asiedu


RP2005/22 RP2005/21 RP2005/20

Tony Addison, George Mavrotas, and Mark McGillivray Matthew Clarke Daniel T. Haile Coleen Fox and Chris Sneddon Jeffrey B. Nugent and Shailender Swaminathan Ralitza Dimova, Ira N. Gang and John Landon-Lane Eduardo Sojo and Roberto Villarreal Sally Roever

Foreign Direct Investment in Africa: The Role of Natural Resources, Market Size, Government Policy, Institutions and Political Instability Development Assistance and Development Finance: Evidence and Global Policy Agendas Assessing Well-being Using Hierarchical Needs Wealth Distribution, Lobbying and Economic Growth: Theory and Evidence Flood Pulses, International Watercourse Law, and Common Pool Resources: A Case Study of the Mekong Lowlands Voluntary Contributions to Informal Activities Producing Public Goods: Can these be Induced by Government and other Formal Sector Agents? Some Evidence from Indonesian Posyandus The Informal Sector During Crisis and Transition





RP2005/15 RP2005/14

Amos Sawyer Michael Grimm and Isabel Günther Peter Little Sugata Marjit and Dibyendu S. Maiti Keith Hart Martha Alter Chen

RP2005/13 RP2005/12 RP2005/11 RP2005/10

Public Policies to Promote Productive Occupation and Increase Formality among the Moderately Poor: The Mexican Agenda Enforcement and Compliance in Lima’s Street Markets: The Origins and Consequences of Policy Incoherence toward Informal Traders Social Capital, Survival Strategies, and their Potential for Post-Conflict Governance in Liberia Inter- and Intra-household Linkages Between the Informal and Formal Sector: A Case Study for Urban Burkina Faso Unofficial Trade When States are Weak: The Case of Cross-Border Commerce in the Horn of Africa Globalization, Reform and the Informal Sector Formal Bureaucracy and the Emergent Forms of the Informal Economy Rethinking the Informal Economy: Linkages with the Formal Economy and the Formal Regulatory Environment Aid, Debt Relief and New Sources of Finance for Meeting the Millennium Development Goals The Human Development Index Adjusted for Efficient Resource Utilization Agricultural Development for Peace Measuring the Quality of Life across Countries: A Sensitivity Analysis of Well-being Indices A Framework for Incorporating Environmental Indicators to the Measurement of Human Well-Being


RP2005/08 RP2005/07 RP2005/06


Tony Addison, George Mavrotas, and Mark McGillivray F. J. Arcelus, B. Sharma and G. Srinivasan Tony Addison Tauhidur Rahman, Ron C. Mittelhammer, and Philip Wandschneider Osman Zaim




RP2005/02 RP2005/01

Christian Seidl, Stefan Traub, and Andrea Morone Charles Blackorby, Walter Bossert and David Donaldson Alain Chateauneuf and Patrick Moyes Satya R. Chakravarty and Amita Majumder Ke-young Chu Ke-young Chu Yuqing Xing and Guanghua Wan Mark McGillivray and Farhad Noorbakhsh Anthony P. D’Costa I. B. Oluwatayo Tun Lin and George Mavrotas S. Subramanian Jorge Saba Arbache Sarah White and Jethro Pettit Yin Zhang and Guanghua Wan Yin Zhang and Guanghua Wan Yin Zhang and Guanghua Wan Shatakshee Dhongde John Knight, Li Shi and Zhao Renwei Guanghua Wan and Zhangyue Zhou Ravi Kanbur and Xiaobo Zhang Somik V. Lall and Sanjoy Chakravorty Tomoki Fujii Jeremy Heimans

Relative Deprivation, Personal Income Satisfaction, and Average Well-being under Different Income Distributions Population Ethics and the Value of Life

Measuring Inequality Without the Pigou–Dalton Condition Intersociety Literacy Comparisons

RP2004/66 RP2004/65 RP2004/64 RP2004/63 RP2004/62 RP2004/61 RP2004/60 RP2004/59 RP2004/58 RP2004/57 RP2004/56 RP2004/55 RP2004/54 RP2004/53 RP2004/52 RP2004/51 RP2004/50 RP2004/49 RP2004/48 RP2004/47

Group-Oriented Values, Rules and Cooperation A Model of a Rule of Law and a Rule of Man: Implications for the Design of Institutions Exchange Rates and Competition for FDI Composite Indices of Human Well-being: Past, Present, and Future Globalization, Development, and Mobility of Technical Talent: India and Japan in Comparative Perspectives Income Risk and Welfare Status of Rural Households in Nigeria: Ekiti State as a Test Case A Contract Perspective on the International Finance Facility Social Groups and Economic Poverty: A Problem in Measurement Do Structural Reforms always Succeed? Lessons from Brazil Participatory Approaches and the Measurement of Human Well-being Output and Price Fluctuations in China’s Reform Years: What Role did Money Play? What Accounts for China’s Trade Balance Dynamics? China’s Business Cycles: Perspectives from an AD–AS Model Decomposing Spatial Differences in Poverty in India Divergent Means and Convergent Inequality of Incomes among the Provinces and Cities of Urban China Income Inequality in Rural China: Regression-based Decomposition Using Household Data Fifty Years of Regional Inequality in China: A Journey through Central Planning, Reform, and Openness Industrial Location and Spatial Inequality: Theory and Evidence from India Commune-Level Estimation of Poverty Measures and its Application in Cambodia Multiactor Global Funds: New Tools to Address Urgent Global Problems


RP2004/46 RP2004/45

Renu Kohli Anthony Clunies-Ross

RP2004/44 RP2004/43 RP2004/42 RP2004/41 RP2004/40 RP2004/39 RP2004/38 RP2004/37 RP2004/36 RP2004/35 RP2004/34 RP2004/33 RP2004/32

Peter Burnell S. Mansoob Murshed and Scott Gates Arne Bigsten and Abebe Shimeles Sara Lelli Oleksiy Ivaschenko Arne Bigsten and Abebe Shimeles Nicholas Minot and Bob Baulch Mozaffar Qizilbash Kathryn Anderson and Richard Pomfret Henning Tarp Jensen and Finn Tarp Arsenio M. Balisacan and Nobuhiko Fuwa Susan Harkness Michael Grimm

The Transition from Official Aid: to Private Capital Flows Implications for a Developing Country Imminent Prospects for Additional Finance: What Might Be Done Now or Soon and Under What Conditions Foreign Aid Resurgent: New Spirit or Old Hangover? Spatial Horizontal Inequality and the Maoist Insurgency in Nepal Prospects for ‘Pro-Poor’ Growth in Africa What Money Can’t Buy: The Relevance of Income Redistribution for Functioning Levels Longevity in Russia’s Regions: Do Poverty and Low Public Health Spending Kill? Dynamics of Poverty in Ethiopia Poverty Mapping with Aggregate Census Data: What is the Loss in Precision? On the Arbitrariness and Robustness of MultiDimensional Poverty Rankings Spatial Inequality and Development in Central Asia Trade Liberalization and Spatial Inequality: A Methodological Innovation in Vietnamese Perspective Changes in Spatial Income Inequality in the Philippines: An Exploratory Analysis Social and Political Indicators of Human Well-being The Medium- and Long-term Effects of an Expansion of Education on Poverty in Côte d’Ivoire: A Dynamic Microsimulation Study Inequalities, Agency, and Well-being: Conceptual Linkages and Measurement Challenges in Development Economic Well-being and Non-economic Well-being: A Review of the Meaning and Measurement of Poverty Well-being and the Complexity of Poverty: A Subjective Well-being Approach Benchmarking Sustainable Development: A Synthetic Meta-index Approach Capital Flows, Exchange Rate Regime, and Macroeconomic Performance in Mexico Assessing Poverty and Inequality at a Detailed Regional Level: New Advances in Spatial Microsimulation Indicators of Inequality and Poverty Income-based Measures of Average Well-being Sustainability and Well-being Indicators Modelling Macroeconomic Linkages in a Monetary Union: A West African Example The Characteristics of Macroeconomic Shocks in the CFA Franc Zone

RP2004/31 RP2004/30 RP2004/29 RP2004/28 RP2004/27 RP2004/26

Douglas A. Hicks Andrew Sumner Mariano Rojas Laurens Cherchye and Timo Kuosmanen Carlos A. Ibarra Ann Harding, Rachel Lloyd, Anthea Bill, and Anthony King S. Subramanian Steve Dowrick Eric Neumayer David Fielding, Kevin Lee and Kalvinder Shields David Fielding, Kevin Lee and Kalvinder Shields

RP2004/25 RP2004/24 RP2004/23 RP2004/22 RP2004/21


RP2004/20 RP2004/19 RP2004/18 RP2004/17 RP2004/16 RP2004/15 RP2004/14

Anja Shortland and David Stasavage Jean-Paul Azam Lambert N’galadjo Bamba David Fielding and Kalvinder Shields Mina Baliamoune-Lutz Anja Shortland and David Stasavage Mireille Linjouom

RP2004/13 RP2004/12 RP2004/11

Petri Rouvinen S. Subramanian S. Subramanian


S. Subramanian


Simeon Coleman

RP2004/08 RP2004/07 RP2004/06 RP2004/05 RP2004/04 RP2004/03

W.A. Naudé and W. F. Krugell Barry McCormick and Jackline Wahba Mattia Romani Marcel Fafchamps and Christine Moser David E. Sahn and David C. Stifel Michael Bleaney and Akira Nishiyama David Fielding Anthony Shorrocks

Monetary Policy in the Franc Zone: Estimating Interest Rate Rulesfor the BCEAO Poverty and Growth in the WAEMU after the 1994 Devaluation Analyse du Processus de Convergence Dans la Zone UEMOA The Impact of Monetary Union on Macroeconomic Integration: Evidence from West Africa On the Measurement of Human Well-being: Fuzzy Set Theory and Sen’s Capability Approach Monetary Policy in the CFA Zone: Country-level Credit Policy The Costs and Benefits Analysis of CFA Membership: The Choice of an Exchange Rate Regime for the CFA Countries Zone Diffusion of Digital Mobile Telephony: Are Developing Countries Different? Poverty Measures and Anti-Poverty Policy with an Egalitarian Constraint Some Simple Analytics of Poverty Redress through Direct Income Transfers and Wage Employment Programmes: A Review and Commentary A Re-scaled Version of the Foster-Greer-Thorbecke Poverty Indices based on an Association with the Minkowski Distance Function An Aggregate View of Macroeconomic Shocks in SubSaharan Africa: A Comparative Study Using Innovation Accounting An Inquiry into Cities and Their Role in Subnational Economic Growth in South Africa Return International Migration and Geographical Inequality: The Case of Egypt Love Thy Neighbour? Evidence from Ethnic Discrimination in Information Sharing within Villages Crime, Isolation, and Law Enforcement Urban-Rural Inequality in Living Standards in Africa Economic Growth, Income Distribution and Poverty: Time-series and Cross-country Evidence from the CFAzone Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa How Does Monetary Policy Affect the Poor? Evidence from the West African Economic and Monetary Union Inequality and Welfare Evaluation of Heterogeneous Income Distributions

RP2004/02 RP2004/01

Please address orders and inquiries to: UNU-WIDER Publications Katajanokanlaituri 6 B

FIN-00160 Helsinki, FINLAND T: +358-9-61599 11 F: +358-9-61599 333 E: publications@wider.unu.edu W: http://www.wider.unu.edu


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