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Afra Shames H00214566 Work Experience Journals3


Journal 3

Afra Shames Rashed H00214566
Instructor :Ibrahim Moustafa

Date : 25/5/2014

Afra Shames H00214566 Work Experience Journals3
Week 3 & 4 I worked in

Teamwork and leadership
During this two weeks I worked in customer service includes open request, make health
card, issuance export certifications, deliver important papers etc. and we are a team each
one have different job but there are related so if anyone needs help they corporative to
help each others. Also, the manager and supervisor work with as at the same time to
solve the problems that come from the unethical customers or who have a problem or
conflict with some of customer and he make the right decision so this chance increase my
skills in leadership, solving problem and how to deal with customers and other team
members to avoid problem, customers conflict and unethical customers. In addition, I
Afra Shames H00214566 Work Experience Journals3
have to be more organize and concentration to finish the case for each customer on time
and make sure they have the right paper (original paper) that must check it before doing
anything. So this different than what I do in HCT because now Im responsible for others
not just for myself so I have be quickly, more accurate, and finish on time because these
will affect the customers if I do it in good way they will be satisfied but if no could cause
problem and conflict. Moreover, I worked with new people so this challenging for me
because I have to communicate with them well and try to present myself also well to
accept me but, at HCT I already knows my colleagues personalities. Finally, I so happy
to work with health department & planning and survey department because they work
hard to satisfied their customers in ethical way and they have strict roles towards
unethical customers because that have reaction on the society and country. For example,
in health department they have a regular inspection in different place, shops,
supermarket, beauty salons, search for shops which doesnt have commercial license to
form strict roles for their and for unethical customers through fines, close their shop, etc.
Also not just for customer they are working to improve their employees skills through
training them to be more effective in their work.
Work related practice and procedures
At HCT, the teachers give us teaching service but, in workplace I give the service for
the customers so the situation change Im now looks like the teachers I have to be
responsible of others (customers). In addition, in workplace I see different customers
with different personality so this need professional communication to can do my work
without any barriers and late. Whereas, at HCT I study and work with same girls and
team and I has same teachers. Moreover, I organize myself depend on what I study,
however in workplace each customer have a period of time to finish her/his case like 20
cases in the day not spend all time to do just 5 case so in this circumstance needs to
organize my time well and deal fast with the customer and his/her case without late and
mistake. Finally, according to myself I usually try to finish my work early event if it at
work or HCT to avoid any stress. Furthermore, if I face some difficulty in my work I
ask for help.

Afra Shames H00214566 Work Experience Journals3
Work plan
Week Department Activities Supervisor
1. Health

- Entering daily reports in
oracle system for the
inspectors and it
includes query for the
licenses of the
customers & regular
data like date of this
report, time, name of
this report, type of
licenses and number of
licenses and save it in
the system
- Issuance a health card
for the customer through
oracle system and it
needs important
procedures like,
important papers, query
for the licenses to make
sure there is no
irregularities, payment
request for fee payment
of health card with fine
if there an irregularities,
after receive the bond
arrested of payment we
renew the card and print
it , but for the new
customer we make a

Manager: Khalifa Al

Afra Shames H00214566 Work Experience Journals3
new card and we have
first to add this person in
the system with same
procedures, then the
customers needs to do a
health checks to make
sure so if its ok it needs
a final step which is the
signature from the
manager and seal from
the secretarial.
- How to cancel the health
card and its also needs
a procedures includes
important papers to
cancel it and add it in
the system to save it.
- Review the papers of
the irregularities of the
section to make payment
request for fine payment
then it needs to enter
this irregularities &
sanctions in the system
to save it.

- Know about the
administrative which
includes deal with
Afra Shames H00214566 Work Experience Journals3
complaints of the
health, environmental
and food, through send
it to the inspector and he
has to communicate
with the complainant
and this take 3 days just,
how to write letters for
study, annual leave,
vacation, start work, etc.
and it need special
producers like evidence
and signature from their
manager and be
responsible of the
attendance for trainers,
new staffs and
volunteers, I learned
about the overtime and
how its work and it
needs steps for example
if any staff would like to
work overtime he/she
needs a signature for
her/his supervisor of the
section then from the
manager, also we
received the circulars
and send it to the
manager, finally save
the keys of the shops
Afra Shames H00214566 Work Experience Journals3
whose closed because
the irregularities.

- Issuance export
certifications for the
contracting company
and not contracting and
these needs specific
processes and steps.
Through oracle system
- Alternative secretarial
includes receive and
transfer the calls, written
pledges for the
customers who has
irregularities, receive
fax and reception
imports and send it to
the manager for signing.

Afra Shames H00214566 Work Experience Journals3
2. planning &
- Open request for
customers through SAP
and PSA program
includes different kinds
of request around 33
request like, plot
document, determine
level request, report
request, service plane
request, demarcation
request, compensation
request, re-planning
request, etc.
- Renew the number of
the case for the customer
to can open request in
the new system and this
also needs a program
called Auto CAD. After
that we close their case
and print it to deliver it.
- Hamdan Al

Afra Shames H00214566 Work Experience Journals3

Form follow up weekly from HR department (field supervisor)