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Walter Condon
Steffen Guenzel
ENC 1102-14A003
Final Draft
Subject of my paper: Video games are not as detrimental to society as some claim
Purpose: My Major and why writing about this topic will be beneficial to me: I plan on being a
video game designer and will work my way up as a programmer. Probably the most controversial
subject in the gaming industry is the thought that they are extremely detrimental to society. Most
notably the notion that games cause people to incite violence, promote an unhealthy lifestyle,
promote uncreatively and over sexualize/demean women. While this topic does not directly
affect me as a computer science major, it affects my future profession greatly. If the negative
thoughts about video games continue to grow and spread, my future profession could be at risk
of strict creative restriction or outright banning by politicians and laws.
Preliminary Thesis/Argument: Video games are not as detrimental to society as some claim
and are even beneficial in many cases
Intended audience: concerned parents, concerned politicians, and anyone trying to argue this
position themselves
Types of research areas: My main form of research will be internet research as it is the most
versatile form of research available. I will use scholarly research, mainly in the form of
professional psyche reports and legal precedents, to add to the validity of my argument. I doubt I
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will probably not use field research because my paper will deal with conflicting opinions and
irrational fears so surveying might yield faulty, biased data.
Kinds of sources I will use and why they will benefit my paper: I will use statistics of
economic gain from the video game industry including gross income of the industry as well as
the many jobs the industry provides and statistics of psyche reports on perpetrators of violent
events where video games have been said to have been the cause. I will also use certain games as
counter examples to some of the biggest criticisms of games as well as examples of beneficial
effects video games can provide. I will especially be drawing in information from other topics
where similar situations occur in games. This is the big one because certain aspects of games are
relatable to other situations in everyday life or legal issues that would otherwise be unrelated to
the subject of video games. These relationships can be used to rationalize the many impractical
fears of video games.
Graphs or charts: I will probably include graphs denoting a range of information like, for
example, accounts of child violence by year compared to when certain "violent" games release.
Documentation Style: I will use the MLA form of documentation as it is the one I am most
familiar with and I will be drawing information from a variety of sources from economics,
psychology, and multiple examples so a more specialized form of documentation might actually
hinder me.
Tentative List of References:
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Total $93 Billion in 2013." Gartner Says Worldwide Video Game Market to Total $93
Billion in 2013., n.d. Web. 14 May 2014.
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