RERUN (Reflect, Explain, Reason, Understand, Negotiate). 200 - week 5.ppt

Early Childhood Adventures in Peacemaking Research shows that early childhood is a critical time for teaching children social and emotional skills. Through our Early Childhood Adventures in Peacemaking Program, Morningside Center helps pre-school educators teach these important life skills to young children. Through the program and its special curriculum, early childhood center staff and parents use puppet plays, songs, story-telling, and other age-appropriate activities to teach children how to cooperate with each other better, resolve conflicts peaceably, and handle their anger. Children learn to see things through other people's eyes, be more caring, and steer away from name-calling and prejudice. Morningside Center has a long track record of teaching young people and adults these skills. For the past 15 years, we have collaborated with the New York City Department of Education to develop and run one of the nation's most respected conflict resolution programs, the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program, in NYC public schools (grades K-12). Early Childhood Adventures in Peacemaking has these components: • Introductory training. Preschool teachers receive training to introduce them to Early Childhood Adventures in Peacemaking, our activity guide for early childhood teachers, which has received the Judges Award from the Association of Educational Publishers. Training is tailored to the issues staff are facing in their classrooms. Site-based professional development. A staff developer from makes regular visits to the preschool to coach teachers in implementing the curriculum in their classrooms. Coaching includes co-planning activities, observation, conferencing with staff, and demonstration lessons. Teachers begin implementing the program on a daily basis. Parent training. Since parents play such a crucial role in the life of a young child, the effectiveness of early childhood education depends on parents reinforcing the school's efforts. We offer parents site-based training and support in teaching their youngsters social and emotional skills.

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