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Grading Criteria

Introduction & Conclusion (15)

Presentation & Structure (15)
Length (10)
- Exceed by 10%: 6; by 20%: 4; over 20%: 0
Q1 (20)
Q2 (20)
Q3 (20)
Use of External Sources
Use external sources only to supplement the case materials, when
- e.g. Information on an acquisition deal mentioned in the case, or
data on the institutional environment and external market
- Stick with the case as the primary source of information and do not
use external sources to replace the case when answering the
Structure & Organization
As shown in the grading criteria, we expect answer to each of the
three questions
However, it is good to show the links between your answers to
different questions
- It is not good if your three answers look like three completely
unrelated pieces that just put together in one report
No need to put citation if the information is from the case itself
External sources of information should be indicated
- You can use footnote to indicate the external sources
- Plagiarism issues: Do not copy-paste without proper citation