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Our New


An Inspired Place for Inspired

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
January 4, 2008

“Trinity is creating leaders. It is building character.

It is forging relationships. It is demanding diligence.
And it is inspiring service.”
Norm Coleman, United States Senator
The Commons

A large gathering
space for hosting
event nights and
connecting as a
community of

Education is one of the most important

investments we can make for our children’s
Lifting Our Voices

Our new 750-seat

auditorium is designed
with professional
sounding, high-quality
acoustics, providing
space for students to
further their
experiences in music
and drama.
A Home For the Trinity Tri-Hawks
On January 11th, 2008, Trinity
unveiled the new school mascot,
the Trinity Tri-Hawk.

Trinity athletics
dedication to
developing healthy
bodies and fostering
growth of personal
From ordinary to extraordinary

Real learning comes about when

students can put concepts to the test.
Our first-rate science labs give students
hands-on experience and the
opportunity to perform more
complicated experiments.
To see the promise
To expand the capacity of each student

Seminar Rooms
To challenge with ideas
To encourage students to think and express themselves

Media Center
Genuine learning is a
process of discovery,
in which the student
is the main agent,
not the teacher.

Mortimer Adler
Through education we pass on our culture and our heritage;
we prepare our children for meaningful and creative adult
lives; we form their intellects so that they can contribute to
the human quest for a fuller grasp of the truth and at the
same time live lives guided by the highest moral ideals.
A special thanks to all who have
contributed to furthering the mission of
Trinity School at River Ridge.