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Anatomic Yoga Workshop

Human anatomy and physiology is a vast subject, as is the art of yoga. Nevertheless, combining

knowledge from both fields is extremely beneficial to the yoga practitioner. Athletes can

their performance and experience fewer injuries through a basic understanding of their

musculoskeletal system. Similarly, yoga practitioners can benefit from the application of

science to their practice development.

Join Ray Long and Chris Macivor for a weekend journey into the body. This workshop is not just

about anatomy and yoga, but about the inter-connectiveness within our body. This year, Ray

will be introducing more therapeutic applications to his practice and will have even more
cutting edge

technology through which to gain wisdom and understanding about the amazing body and

Here are topics that will be covered in this interactive workshop:

Introduction to muscle awakening and body clairvoyance

Form and function of the skeleton

Form and function of the major joints

Muscles and tendons

Stretching physiology

Stretching biomechanics

Application of the fundamentals in asana:

Standing poses (awakening the psoas)

Anatomy and physiology of breath

Opening the thorax

Fundamental pranayama

We hope you will join us for this experience. Come prepared to practice.

Studio: The Living Room (Sweden) Dates: 04/04/14 04/06/14 (Fri Sun)