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Computer Graphics FA L L

20 09
Assignment #3

1. Think of a quote: song lyrics, a word, a phrase. Think of a picture that helps to express the words.

2. Use Adobe Illustrator to make a poster. There must be a picture plus words, the two things working together to make a


3. In Adobe Illustrator, use the following tools and functions: Shape tool
Pen tool
Live Trace
Brush tool

4. Play with color and design to make your message clear.

5. Have fun learning the program.

Art work size

11 x 17 inches
Full Color
Use the Epson printer

SHOW SKETCHES: Wednesday, November 2

POSTER DUE DATE: Friday, December 18

60% Craftsmanship (document well constructed,
adept use of tools)
15% Degree of difficulty
25% Creativity (imaginative idea and composition)