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OW UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON Department of Atmospheric Scenoes August 31, 2004 Prof. Berrien Moore IIL Director Institute for the Study of Barth, Oceans and Space University of New Hampshire 39 College Road Durham, NH 03824-3525 Dear Berrien, { suppose that you remember me ftom our coincident visits at Stockholm University with Bert Bolin, though I cannot remember whether it was in 1975 or 1981. Like you, I have been a frequent visitor there, and in my case I have taught soveral courses there and done research with Henning Rodhe’s group. Much of our joint work has been directed toward climate forcing by aerosols, which is now recognized asthe largest single uncertainty in Past and current anthropogenic climate forcing. Lately, I have been developing a joint Noting that you are the co-chairman of a new NAS/NRC panel on space-based climate research, I am writing to you to offer a specific example of the circumstances we Presently face in trying to deal with NASA Headquarters. I hope that this example and others will provide your panel with arguments to help bolster our research field: would launch the DSCOVR satelite, a platform intended to go to the L-] point and Provide @ continuous view of the sunlit side of Earth. DSCOVR has been built and awaits an opportunity for launch, Its Science Team is led by Prof. Francisco Valero of Sevips, and I recall thatthe NAS/NRC has reviewed it and given ita high priouiy, By MER SCOVR hus been in storage for ca. throe years; however, missing the opportunity for simultaneous A-Train/DSCOVR observations would be worse, J have exchanged several Iellers with NASA Headquarters about DSCOVR, and am concemed that I cannot get a straight answer from them, J enclose these letters in the hope that you will sec how frustrating it is to be as close to this research as I am and to be ‘old that our requests are now to be handled by yel another committee (please sce lett ot 408 Atmoepheric Sclences Geophysics Box 361640 Seale, Washington 9615-3640 2O6-SIB-1250 FAX: 706-543-0808 wrewaimes washingtos ofa 10 June 2004). ‘Those letters contain the scientific arguments in support of coordinating DSCOVR, the A-Irain and CALIPSO int particular. j should cophasize that T am writing a5 an individual stientist and not on behalf of NASA or the CALIPSO Science Team. It is my hope that the information I have provided will be useful evidence for your new NAS/NRC Panel; evidence showing the bot drain that appears to be going on in Headquarters. Before we go planning: 1ew ane long-term offor's for data acquisition, it seems fo me that we shoul do our best fo get personal effort to establish EOS and its associated programs and it would be tragic to cut As an aside, it is easy to disagree with Bill Rossow’s comments about EOS, and if you ‘Would like to have « discussion about that (or about any of the above items), please give mea call at 206 543 2537, or send an email to bobwhan@comeast net Sincerely, : Wet), Coe Robert J. Charlson Professor Ce: Prof. Francisco Valero Enelosures