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SEVERN CLAY-YOUMAN 2005-2008 INTERNATIONAL SEED BANK Theodore Roosevelt Memorial sland Washington, DC David Ruy / Kare Klein studio ‘he design for this international seed bank was guided by a study of floral phenomena and the function of decoration and ornament. Sited as it was in the midst of some of the most valuable terrorist targets in the United states and in the middle of the flood plain of the Potomac River, I decided against making this a "bunker style" seed bank, choosing instead to celebrate the seed storage aspect of the program. The seeds are stored in three spirals Which, encased in glass, glow like lanterns at night. The building is divided between public areas and private lab/seed bank areas, cut through with an interior alley and flower garden, which is visually accessible from all parts of the building. This internal exterior space is clad with mirrored iridescent panels, reflecting light and shifting color phenomena throughout the building. Right: Flower sectional study. Facing page: interior alley with iridescent paneling.