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Math 53 - HOMEWORK # 2 ( Deadline : December 4, 2009 )

Directions: Answer on a yellow pad. Show all solutions as necessary and BOX all Final Answers.

0.5 pt 1.) Given below is the graph of f x . Find the following limits, if they exist. If the limit is
each ) CN or KN, indicate so.

(a) lim f x (c) lim f x (e) lim f x (g) x /CN

lim f x
x / 4K x /K4 C x /K2 C
(b) xlim
f x (d) lim f x (f) lim f x (h) lim f x
x /K4 x / 2K x/2

2.5 pts 2.) Answer the following questions :

each ) 2
(a) Find the vertical asymptotes of f x = 2
and then use them to sketch the graph.
x K1
x C1
(b) Determine the largest interval ( or union of intervals ) on which f x = is
x K1
sin π$x
(c) Suppose f x is defined on the open interval 0, 1 and f x = . Define
x x K1
f x at 0 and 1 so that it is continuous on the closed interval 0, 1 .

2 pts ) Kx2
3.) Use the Intermediate Value Theorem to show that there is a root of the equation e =x
in the interval 0, 1

1.5 pts 4.) Write TRUE if the statement is always TRUE. Otherwise, write FALSE. In any case,
each ) justify your answer.
(a) A function can only have at most two horizontal asymptotes.
(b) If f x O 1 for all x and lim f x exists, then lim f x O 1
x/0 x/0
(c) Let f x be any function which is continuous on the open interval a, b . Then d a
function g x which is continuous on = and which satisfies g x = f x for all x 2 a, b

2 pts 5.) Find the limit of the following, if they exist

each ) x Kx
sin x 3 K3
(a) lim (c) lim
x / 0 2 x Ctan x x /CN 3x C3Kx
(b) lim x2$sin (d) lim 2 x C 4 x2 C3 x
x/0 x x /KN

4 points 6.) Prove that if xlim

f x = L, then xlim
f x = L

TOTAL : 30 pts