The basic components of a diagnostic X-ray

machine are power supply arrangement,X-ray tube aluminium filters,collimator,budey diaphragm and lead shield.
The various components in the machine are

used to improve the quality of image,increase the contrast between different tissues,improve size resolution and minimize the dose of X-rays used on the patient.

A high voltage source is an autotransformer

which is used to get high voltages from 20 to 200kv in the X-ray machine. To avoid over heating of tube there is a temperature monitor. If it exceeds a specified value, the high voltage supply will be turned off automatically.

Eventhough X-ray tube requires a high d.c.

voltage, due to practical difficulties a high d.c. voltage with small a.c. ripples is used.
A much better power output is provided by

three phase rectifiers in



Respiratory organs Circulatory organ Digestive organ Excretory organ

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