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Reported by Michel Nachez in his book

« Les états non ordinaires de conscience »
Editor : Marabout – France.

Translated – as well as i can …. By Michel.

From Michel Nachez, the non ordinary states of consciousness.
Pages 202 & 203.

According to the esoterist Franz Bardon, the best way to oobe is as follow.

1. Sit down in front of a mirror where you can see yourself fully.
2. Keep open eyes.
3. Relax by breathing deeply and quietly 50 times while fixing your attention on
the breathing.
4. Stare intensily at your image in the mirror.
5. Try to project your conscience in your Me behind the mirror, so that you can
see yourself from that place, siiting in flesh and blood.

It is very diificult to succeed, because you will be confronted to a big barrier
of emotion and fear and, to succeed an oobe, you need to go over this barrier.
When you succeed to go out of your body that way, continue as follow :

6. Visit in spirit your home ONLY during a few weeks.
7. Then go outside and visit your town and keep doing that for a few months. Go
around in your area, in your town, but dont go too far away. Get experience.

Only after this time you can go further. It will be your choice, according to
your desire of discovery, your openness and your level of evolution…