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A Project Report

The Marketing Strategy & Organization of Amway

Submitted By
Suchi vemula
Dissertation Submitted To:

Amity Global Business School,
5th Floor, Reliance Humsafar Building, Road No:11, Banjara Hills,


I convey my deep sense of gratitude to my faulcty guide Professor D . Surekha Thakur for
givin guidance and support for carrying out my work successfully.
I also convey my sincere gratitude to my parents, and my friends for their encouragement,
support and for the faith that they had on me.
I would add a word of thanks to the Almighty who gave me strength, courage. I also thank
the Almighty for showering the blessings on me to carry out my work successfully.


This Dissertation Report is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award
of degree of MBA at Amity Global Business School, Hyderabad.
I further declare that the work is originally done as apart of my academics course and has not
been submitted elsewhere. The conclusion and recommendations written in the report are
based on the data collected by me while preparing the report.
I confirm that this Dissertation Report does not contain information of a commercial or
confident nature or include personal information other than that which would normally be in
the public domain unless the relevant permission have been obtained.