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Zhu Ying Ling 朱 颖 玲


Zhu Ying Ling 朱 颖 玲
Born: 1983/12/19
Astrological Sign:Sagittarius
Age: 24 yrs old
USA +1-404-255-8560
PRC +86-1391-608-5089

Since I can remember, I have loved to sing. I realized at a very young
age that using my gift of singing to affect an audience makes me happy. So all
my life, I have made every effort to improve my gift and taken each chance to
be in front of an audience. I am interested to discuss anything related to
music. Sincerest thanks for your consideration and attention.

7/1993 Became a Choral Member of the Shanghai Chapter of the
9 yrs. China Children's Palace Welfare Society
6/1994 Awarded Second Place in the
10 yrs. 1994 Shanghai Youth Karaoke Competition

12 yrs.
Awarded the highest vocalist grade of Shanghai

Performed with the CWI Children's Palace Chorus in the
13 yrs.
"Five states Youth Concert" for the
1997 Winter Olympic Games in Japan

9/1997 Awarded Second Place in the Shanghai Miami Cup
Awarded First Place in the Five Province
1/1998 "Challenge of Champions Singing Competition" Shanghai
14 yrs. Contest.

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Zhu Ying Ling 朱 颖 玲

Awarded First place of the Shanghai
"Jin Hai Bao Cup Singing Competition"

Awarded “New Eastern Singer” in the
Dong Fang Singing Competition

10/1998 Awarded The title of Best Singer in the China
"Making of a New Star Singing Competition"
Awarded First Place in the five Province
"Challenge of Champions Singing Competition" China Contest
1/1999 Awarded First Place in the Shanghai
15yrs. "POP Cup Singing Competition"
12/2000 Enlisted as a Performer/Singer in the People’s Armed Police of the
16yrs. China Army in the Province of Anhui
Honorably discharged from the Army
2/2003 Worked in the reservation dept. of
19yrs. Shanghai Holiday-Inn Downtown Greatwall
Resigned from Holiday Inn Downtown

Passed the national higher education examination for self-taught
adults, admitted to the English Program at FUDAN University

5/2004—7/2007 Performed at La Villa Rouge, The Renaissance,
20 - 23yrs. Four Seasons & The Meridian

8/2007 Awarded the First Place in the
23yrs. "YILI Cultured Milk Colligate Festival China Singing Competition"
1- 2/2008
Performed at the PU-Jazz of the Jinmao Grand Hyatt Hotel

2/2008 Performed at the Pudong St. Regis Hotel & Bund 6

Record first Demo in Atlanta, GA USA

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