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Physics X Test No:04 November 23, 2009
1) Torque is _____________ quantity 12) If the masses of the bodies are doubled,
(a) Vector (b) Scalar then gravitational force will
(c) Simple (d) NOT (a) Be doubled
2) Torque is product of force & ___________. (b) Be Half
(a) Velocity (b) Acceleration (c) Become 4 times
(c) Speed (d) Moment of arm (d) Become 8 times

3) Torque in counter clockwise direction is 13) Active & reactive force are ______ to
_______ each other
(a) +ve (b) –ve (a) Parallel (b) Perpendicular
(c) Zero (d) NOT (c) Anti-parallel (d) AOT
4) The S.I unit of torque is ____________
(a) N.S (b) Toule-sec 14) A 10kg mass moving with velocity of
(c) N. m (d) N. cm 2m/s. momentum will be
(a) 20 N. s (b) 40 N. s
5) Law of gravitation is directly proportional
to product of (c) 8 N. s (d) 12 N. s
(a) Radius (b) Masses
(c) Charges (d) Velocities 15) The value of mass of earth is _______ kg
6) The S.I unit of “G” is (a) 6x1022 (b)6x1024
(a) N.m2/kg (b) N.m2/kg2 (c) 6x10 30
(d) 6x1020
(c) N2.m/kg (d) N2.m2/kg2
16) The weight is directed in direction of
7) The value of “G” is ___________.
(a) 9.8 m/s2 (a) Velocity (b) Acceleration
(b) 6.67x10-11 N.m2/kg2 (c) Mass (d) Direction of “g”
(c) 6.67x10-11 N.m/kg2 (d) NOT
17) The value of “g” at height __________
8) In equilibrium body should be __________ (a) Increases (b) Decreases
(a) At rest
(b) Uniform motion (c) Remains same (d) NOT
(c) Both a and b
(d) In variable motion 18) Mass at height will ____________.
(a) Increase (b) Decrease
9) ∑ T = 0 is called _________ condition of
(c) Remain same (d) Zero
(a) 1st (b) 2nd
19) In F=ma, if mass increases, then “a”
(a) Increases
(c) 3rd (d) No-any condition
(b) Decreases
(c) No. effect on Acceleration
10) When sum of all force acting on a body is
(d) NOT
zero, then it is called ______ equilibrium
(a) 1st condition
20) Standing of buildings on the ground are
(b) 2nd condition
example of ________
(c) Both (d) NOT
(a) Static (b) Dynamic
11) Two masses 1kg each are placed 1m
(c) Both a & b (d) NOT
apart, then gravitational force will be.
(a) 6.67x10-8N (b) 6.67x10-11N WISH U A GOOD LUCK
***Composed by: Arsalan Hafeez Dayo***
(c) 6.67x10-9N (d) 6.67x10-10N