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Code No:OR-34/MCA

M.C.A. III-Semester Examinations, December-2006.


Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 60

Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks

1. Explain the systems approach in detail?

2. Discuss the Management and Organizational Behavior?

3. What is DSS? Distinguish between programmed and Non-
Programmed decisions? Explain the value of information in
Decision Making?

4. Explain the relationship between general business plans and MIS

5. What is the importance of conceptual design? Should detailed
design work ever overlap the development of the conceptual
design? What problems might arise? What advantages might there

6.a) Sketch the detailed operating subsystems and information flows?
b) Write a note on Early System Testing?

7. Explain about the implementation of MIS?

8. Discuss about Soft Sports in Planning?