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About Orinoco

About Orinoco

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Published by: takumeister on Nov 25, 2009
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Taku Harada, CEO --- Orinoco K.K.

Taku founded Orinoco together with his former colleagues at Amazon, and has served as its CEO since its inception. Taku also held the position of Representative Director and CEO of YOOX Japan until August 2009. Prior to YOOX, Taku held various positions at Amazon Japan including head of its mobile and online marketing divisions. He also launched the iTunes Music Store in Japan while at Apple in 2005 and led its marketing team. Taku began his career at Sony Music Japan's international business affairs division. Taku holds a B.A. from Yale University.

About Orinoco K.K. Orinoco was founded in 2007 by a group of professionals who met at Amazon Japan. Its main members have held senior positions in online retail management, marketing and mobile in companies such as Amazon Japan, Disney Internet Group and Apple. The company's prime focus is to develop a digital content delivery platform for music and documents. The platform will support wikitt.jp, a site where any aspiring musician or writer can publish and sell their content, and also Wikitt Enterprise Services, a digital content delivery service for selected publishers and musical artists. Orinoco has recently agreed to provide the WES platform to publisher Entrelect and to veteran Japanese band Carnation, both sites due to launch at the end of 2009.

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