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Descriptive Statistics Paper 1


Descriptive Statistics Paper

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Descriptive Statistics Paper 2

Descriptive Statistics Paper

Problem Statement

Is performance one of the contributing factors that affect the individual player’s salary

or does the salary disparities affect the teams’ performance?

Data Examination

The data provided, though extensive, lacked the necessary and required depth.

Although, there are many indications that are in favor of the one side of the proposed

hypothesis i.e. “higher pays, higher wins” but a result can not be drawn solely on the basis of

indications, it need solid and undeniable proofs.

Moreover, the data provided is arranged in a historical and very generalized manner.

For the purpose of this study a tailor made data is needed, for which secondary research is not

the right answer and a lot of primary research is also needed to probe in the nitty-gritty of the

profession and the personnel representing it on different scales and levels.

Plus, the coach’s role is even more important in winning or losing then a single

player, as he is the brain behind the strategy making on every level for every opponent. So

the impact of payment to the coach can not be ignored easily and research should also focus

on different coaches of different teams over the years and their salaries and delivered results

so that a fair comparison can be done.


Therefore, it is concluded that more research is needed on the topic, as the currently

available literature lacks conclusive evidences about the validity or the otherwise of the

hypothesis. Hopefully, further research will shed more light on the co-relation between the

performance and the reward on player to player and team to team basis.
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