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Primavera® P6™ Project Management

Primavera® P6™ Project Management


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Published by: kenadya on Nov 25, 2009
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If activities are progressing on schedule, you may want to estimate
progress for all activities as of the new data date you specify. The Project
Management module can quickly estimate activity dates, percent complete
amounts, and remaining durations when you use the Update Progress
dialog box to update a project.

Estimating activity progress is a quick and convenient way to update your
project. The Project Management module estimates progress only for
those activities that were supposed to take place. Since progress can occur
out of sequence, you may need to update additional activities—especially
if you selected activities by dragging the data date line or by using the
Progress Spotlight feature. You should also review all incomplete
activities to make sure their remaining durations, actual dates, and percent
complete amounts are realistic. Once you spotlight activities, you can
quickly update the project as “on time.”

You can update projects automatically, update each activity manually, or
use both methods.

Estimate progress for all spotlighted activities Spotlight the
activities for which you want to estimate progress by dragging the data
date line or by using the Progress Spotlight feature. Choose Tools, Update
Progress. Select a new data date if the one shown is not accurate.

You can not drag the new data date line to a date that is before
the old data date line.

Choose to update all activities
scheduled to work during the
current update period or only
selected activities.

Updating, Scheduling, and Leveling 291

Primavera - Project Management

Click Apply. For each activity in the update, Project Management module
estimates percent complete amounts as of the data date, sets dates to actual
dates if they fall before the new data date, and estimates remaining
durations for activities that are not finished as of the data date. The Project
Management module also updates resource assignments based on each
activity’s revised percent complete and remaining duration while adhering
to Autocost Rules. In addition, the Project Management module takes into
account only the first price per unit in the Resource Dictionary, if more
than one price per unit for varying through dates exists, when updating
resource assignments.

If you estimate progress for selected activities that do not fall
within the update period, those activities will show no progress.
When spotlighting activities, you can only estimate progress—
percent complete, remaining duration, and so on—for activities
that are within the update period. If you manually update a
spotlighted activity then run Update Progress, the module
bypasses the activity and your changes are retained.

292 Part 4: Updating and Managing the Schedule

Primavera - Project Management

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