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Primavera® P6™ Project Management

Primavera® P6™ Project Management


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Published by: kenadya on Nov 25, 2009
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Grouping data allows you to organize information into bands, based on a
common attribute such as a hierarchy, code value, or resource. You can
choose to group data using the standard data groupings provided in the
module, or you can create a customized grouping. Sorting enables you to
determine the sequence of data in the layout.

For more information on
customized grouping, sorting,
and filtering data, see
“Grouping, Sorting, and
Filtering Data” on page 417.

Group and sort data in tracking layouts In the Top Layout
window, click the Display Options bar, then choose Top Layout Options,
Group and Sort By. Select the data grouping you want to apply to your
layout, or customize the grouping. If you choose Customize, double-click
the Group By field and select the field by which you want to group data.
Click Sort to select a sort order for the grouping, then click Apply to
preview your selections or OK to save them.

This Project Bar Chart is grouped by
Project. You can group and sort by
other default groupings, or customize
your own.

Tracking Projects 373

Primavera - Project Management

Filter data in tracking layouts Use filters to display only the data
you’d like to see. A filter contains a formula that restricts your view to
only the data you require. Click the Display Options bar in the Project
Explorer window and choose Filters. Click Add. In the new row, click the
Parameter field and select a value. Double-click the Is cell and select a
filter criteria. Type a value and click OK.

The filter term “Any of the following” is the same as OR. “All of
the following” is the same as AND.

Click to add another row and
enter additional filter criteria.

Click to delete a selected
row in the filter.

Click to preview

Comparing Projects with Claim Digger 375

Primavera - Project Management

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