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Department of Value Added Tax

Government of NCT of Delhi

Form DVAT 30
(See Rule 42 of the Delhi Value Added Tax Rules, 2005)

Specimen of Purchase / inward Branch transfer Register

Registration Number:____________________________

Name of dealer: _______________________________ Purchases for the tax period

From (mm/dd/yy) ____________________To (mm/dd/yy) ____________________
Address: _____________________________________

_____________________________________ Method of accounting: Cash / Accrual

Details of Purchases
(all amounts in Rupees)
Date Purchases not eligible for credit of input tax Purchases eligible for credit of input tax
Invoice No. Seller’s
Of Seller’s
Debit/Credit Registratio
purchase Name
Note No. n No.
Import Inter-state purchases Purchases Total Local Rate Input Tax Total
from or stock transfers from Purchases purchases of tax paid purchase
outside exempted including tax
India units
Form No, Capital
Amount Others
if any Goods


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