Opinion Opinion Leaders An Opinion Leader is Someone Who is Leaders

Are Often Among the First to Buy New Products

Knowledgeable About Products and Whose Advice is Taken Seriously By Others.
Are Technically Competent and Have Expert Power

Are Similar to the Consumer in Values and Beliefs

Opinion Opinion Leaders Leaders
Are Socially Active in Their Community

Have Prescreened, Have Prescreened, Evaluated, and Evaluated, and Synthesized Synthesized Product Information Product Information

Characteristics of Characteristics of Opinion Opinion Leaders Leaders
Are Opinion Are Opinion Seekers Seekers
Key Key Characteristics Characteristics of of Opinion Opinion Leaders Leaders

Innovators Innovators

Innovative Innovative Communicators Communicators

Market Market Maven Maven

CHARACTERISTICS OF OPINION LEADERS „ Opinion leaders have approximately the same socialclass position as non leaders, although they may have higher social status within the class. „ Opinion leaders have greater exposure to mass media that are relevant to their area of interest.

Opinion leaders have greater interest and knowledge of the area of influence than do nonleaders. Opinion leaders are more gregarious than nonleaders. Opinion leaders have more innovativeness than do nonleaders. Opinion leaders are also more familiar with and loyal to group standards and values than are nonleaders.

Extent of An Opinion Extent of An Opinion Leader’s Leader’s „ More likely, opinion leaders are either: Influence Influence

Monomorphic ƒ Monomorphic, or an expert in a limited field. Leaders „ Very few people are Generalized Opinion Leaders, someone whose recommendations are sought for all types of purchases. Polymorphic ƒ Polymorphic, or an expert in several fields. Polymorphic „ Even opinion leaders who are Polymorphic, tend to concentrate on one broad domain, such as electronics or fashion.


„ The personification of certain values „ Competence „ Strategic social location

Opinion leadership- Dynamics
„ Credibility „ Positive and negative Product Information „ Advice „ Opinion leadership is usually category specific „ Motivations behind Opinion Leadership

Motivations- Opinion Receivers
„ „ „ „ „ New Usage and product Information Reduce the perceived risk Reduce the search time Need for approval Subcultural factors


„ Product -involvement „ Self-involvement a. Gaining attention. B. Showing connisseurship. C. Feeling like a pioneer d. Having inside information.


„ Product -involvement „ Self-involvement E. Suggesting status. F. Spreading the gospel. G. Seeking confirmation. H. Asserting superiority. „ Other-involvement. „ Message-involvement.

Opinion Leadership Scale

Identifying Opinion Identifying Opinion Leaders Leaders
Self-Designating Method Self-Designating Method