Oxford House

Oxford house is on Oxford Lake at the mouth of the Hayes River. Oxford House was
established in 1798 as an HB fur tradin! "ost on the fur trade route between #ork
$a%tory on the Hudson Bay and &orway House. 'he arrot River enters on the northwest
and allows a "orta!e to ross Lake on the &elson River.
(n 1798, )illiam *in%lair was "romoted to the "osition of a +aster 'rader, and -ose"h
olen, the HB %hief fa%tor at #ork $a%tory instru%ted him to build the "ost that
be%ame Oxford House, lo%ated alon! the Hayes River trade route .see ma" below/,
midway between &orway House and #ork $a%tory. )illiam remained at Oxford House
for the next 10 years durin! whi%h he be%ame the hief 'rader in %har!e of the #ork
(nland 1istri%t. )illiam *in%lair raised 12 +etis %hildren at Oxford House. Later his
+etis !randson would work at Oxford House from 1830 41895. He rose to the "osition of
hief 'rader for the distri%t.
6dited and om"iled by Lawren%e Barkwell
oordinator of +etis Herita!e and History Resear%h
Louis Riel (nstitute

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