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The Last Policeman by Ben H.

Readers Group Guide
1) Do you think Ben H. Winters paints a convincing picture of Concord !e" Ha#pshire
and of the "or$d at $arge "ith on$y si% #onths unti$ the asteroid #ight co$$ide "ith the
') (he econo#y is spira$ing do"n"ard "hi$e crops rot in the fie$ds. Churches and
synagogues are packed. )eop$e a$$ over the "or$d are "a$king off the *ob+but not
Hank )a$ace. What do you think #otivates Hank to re#ain dedicated to his "ork&
,nd is his character rea$istic&
-) Hank has fina$$y attained his $ife$ong goa$ of beco#ing a detective but his pro#otion
is due to the fact that a$$ of his co$$eagues are .uitting. Do you think Hank fee$s the
need to prove hi#se$f in order to #ake his drea# of being a detective rea$ and
/) When you $earned of ho" the hospita$ is hand$ing the patients ho" did you react&
0) Hank has a co#p$icated re$ationship "ith his sister and doesnt $ike her husband.
Were you surprised "hen Hank took on the risk of $ooking for !icos husband&
1) Hank has a brief but inti#ate re$ationship "ith !ao#i. 2s $ove at the end of the "or$d
3) (o"ard the end of the book Hank finds hi#se$f a$one and see#s to be 45 "ith it. ,re
you surprised that he took in Houdini as a pet&
6) (his nove$ is a #ash7up of #ystery and science fiction. 2f youre a fan of #ystery and
not science fiction did any of the science fiction aspects of the book appea$ to you&
89ice versa for the science fiction fans.)
:) Do you think that Hank or anyone e$se #ight survive the i#pact of the asteroid& 4r
do you be$ieve Hanks days tru$y are nu#bered&
1;) 2f you kne" there "ere on$y si% #onths before the apoca$ypse "hat "ou$d your
bucket $ist $ook $ike&