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List of Degree Programs

Institute of Accounts Business and Finance Institute of Arts and Sciences

Degree Programs under IABF Degree Programs under IAS
BS Accountancy BS Medical Technology
BS Accounting Technology BS Biology
BS Hotel & Restaurant Management BS Applied Mathematics with Information Technology
BS Tourism Management BS Psychology
BS Business Administration major in: AB English Language
Business Economics AB International Studies
Financial Management AB Literature
Human Resource Development Management AB Mass Communication
Marketing Management AB Political Science
Operations Management

Important reminders for Freshmen pursuing BS Accountancy IN
- Students will have to pass a Qualifying Exam
to be given after their Sophomore year. Institute of Nursing
- Accountancy is a five (5) year degree program.
Degree Program under IN
BS Nursing
Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts
Degree Programs under IARFA Institute of Education
BS Architecture
BFA major in Advertising Arts Degree Programs under IE
BFA major in Painting BEED major in General Education
BEED major in Special Education
Important reminders for IARFA Freshmen
- Admission to the 2nd year BS Architecture and
BSED major in:
Bachelor of Fine Arts will be based on the English
qualifying test to be given after the first year. Filipino
General Science
Music, Arts and Physical Education
Sports and Recreation Management