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Estimation of mean retention time

According to Holleman & White (1989), the total gut content (V, in kg dry matter [DM), can
!e calculated a"
V # V
% ((V
& (aD DM'1(())'()(1 * (aD DM'1(()))
+ith V
!eing the indige"ti!le gut content (in kg DM) and aD DM the a,,arent dige"ti!ility o-
dry matter. /n our calculation, aD DM +a" "et to 00.0 1 -or the medium and 22.2 1 -or the
lo+ 3uality diet.
4ut content in the article i" in the unit o- +et +eight. 5o tran"-er the data to dry +eight, the
dry matter content o- 161 +a" a""umed ("ee article).
i" de-ined a"
# 7 & M85
+ith 7 !eing daily -aece" out,ut (in kg DM ,er day) and M85 !eing mean (,article)
retention time (in day").
V # 7 & M85

% ((7 & M85 & (aD DM'1(())'()(1 * (aD DM'1(()))
V # M85 (7 % ((7 & (aD DM'1(())'()(1 * (aD DM'1(()))
MRT = V / (F + ((F * (aD DM/100))/(2(1 (aD DM/100)))
7 can !e calculated +ith the a""umed daily -ood intake and the a""umed aD DM a"
7 # Daily -ood intake & (1((9aD DM) ' 1((
7or the a""umed daily -ood intake, "ee 5a!le 2 o- the article.
The equation in o!" #an no$ e so!%e" for %ar&in' !e%e!s of inta(e) "i'estii!it&) an" 'ut
#ontents) to &ie!" the %ar&in' estimates of MRT*
Holleman, D. 7. & White, 8. 4. 1989 Determination o- dige"ta -ill and ,a""age rate -rom non
a!"or!ed ,articulate ,ha"e marker" u"ing the "ingle do"ing method. Canadian Journal
of Zoology +:, 0889090.