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Q 1: Which of the following can a 2 year old boy do?

a) Draw a circle

b) Ride a bicycle

c) Say a full name

d) Says a 2-3 word sentence

Right answer D

Q 2: Baby comes to hospital with convulsion, fever and very high blood pressure
(190/110). How would you initially manage this patient?

a) Treat blood pressure

b) Treat fever with antibiotics

c) Give anti-convulsants

Q3: Which of the following vaccine given at 2 years causes fever and irritability?

a) Diptheria

b) Hib

c) Tetanus

d) Pertusis

e) OPV

Q4: A 6 month old girl came to the hospital with her first episode of UTI, what is the
appropriate management?

a) Give antibiotics and do renal investigation

b) Do full renal investigation when it reoccurs

c) Admit and Do renal investigations now

Q 5: An 18month baby came to the ER with scaly rash on the extensors. What is the
appropriate topical drug given?

a) Anti-histamine

b) Corticosteroid

Q 6: What is the most serious complication of Kawasaki disease?
a) Coronary Aneurysm

b) Encephalitis

Q7 : A 12 year old boy presents with recurrent abdominal pain of 8 months
duration. No constipation, normal bowel motions.

a) Chronic pancreatitis

b) Psychogenic pain

Q 8: Progressive weakness in proximal muscles. What is the initial investigation?

a) Brain CT scan

b) NCS

c) Muscle biopsy

Right answer B

Q 9: Decreasing muscle power of legs and enlarging of the calf muscles. This occurs
in which disease?

a) Myositis

b) Dystrophic myopathy

Right answer B

Q 10: A girl presented with nasal bleeding. Brother also has bleeding after mild
trauma. Mother has nose bleeding. Father is normal. What is the pattern of
inheritance of the disease?

a) X linked dominant

b) X linked recessive

c) Autosomal Dominant

d) Obscure

Right Answer C

Q 11: A child was brought to ER with low bp, dehydrated, decreased consciousness,
and no peripheral veins could be located. What is the next best management?

A) Intra-muscular

B) Central venous catheter
C) Inter-osseous

Right Answer C

Q 12: A baby just born was resuscitated and then incubated. Then a decreased air
entry was heard on one side. Diagnosis?

a) Diaghrphamatic hernia

b) Pneumothorax

Both are right, exam question removed.

Q 13: Migratory joint pain?




Right Answer C

Q14: Which is the most serious?

a) A 6 month baby who can’t lift his head

b) 5 year old with enuresis

c) 7 months can’t sit yet.

Right answer A