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Fantastic Power Plant Audit

Fantastic Power Plant Audit

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Published by: hussainjk on Nov 25, 2009
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The technical development is a permanent process and the key attitude is the requirement
for patience and perseverance in order to accept the un-evitable errors, to sustain the
motivation for searching in new solutions and convince the financing instances to spend

With these general remarks in mind one can quote that there is always a gap between state
of the art and the commercial available technology. One characteristic feature of a
commercial available technology is the market viability, i.e. several suppliers offer a
technology at competitive conditions. The aspects of local affects for the technologies are
of minor relevance in a global world.

As a conclusion it is to state clear that the 600°C technology is fully commercial available.
There are several suppliers of the raw materials – forging, casting, etc., as well as there are
several manufactures able to master the specific requirements of the austenitic materials.
At the end there is enough experience driven by some front-runners in order to know what
kind of difficulties can occur or preventive measures are reasonable. Parallel to the placing
orders, erecting of plants and commissioning of new plants an intensive consolidation
programme is launched. It's key purpose is to broaden the range of materials, to gain
better understanding of the design specifics and to open the horizon for new ideas.

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