Mr S Norman 15 Antona Court West Town Road Shirehampton Bristol BS11-9RL Mr S McNamara Divisional Director Democratic & Legal

Services Your Ref: 5524905764 Date: 24th November 2009 Dear Mr McNamara REF: XXX X XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXX BRISTOL BSXX XXX I am writing to you on behalf of the above named person and I duly attach a signed form of authorisation. XXX X XXXXXXX is the appointee of my father Mr Kenneth Albert Norman who is currently a resident of XXXXXXX XXXXX. I note with interest your letter of 9 November 2009 and I would like to make the following comments in regard to any outstanding charges in relation to my late mother and father’s placement at Kingsmead Lodge Nursing Home (Mimosa Health Care) and my father’s subsequent safe haven placement at The Beeches. Due to the lack of care received by my father and late mother and the subsequent revelations regarding this provider and the fact that there is currently an inquest pending in to the death and treatment of a former resident, we as a family are not prepared to condone or support the lack of care and abuse that Mimosa Healthcare provides to the elderly citizens of Bristol placed in their care. Furthermore, I believe the facts stated above were supported by the Council Leader when she replied to my written questions regarding Mimosa Healthcare at Cabinet and stated that placements had stopped at another of this provider’s nursing homes, namely Sunnymead Manor. Obviously you are fully aware of the signed statements I obtained from former employees at Kingsmead Lodge detailing what they had witnessed during the course of their employment with Mimosa Healthcare and I feel a public court room and a Judge would be the ideal place for a legal ruling in respect of this outstanding matter. XXX X XXXXXXX looks forward to receiving your court papers in the very near future and I look forward to defending her case for not paying you any fees in relation to this provider or for the safe haven placement we had to find for our parents. Yours Sincerely

Mr Stephen Norman CC: Recovery Team

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