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Android Application Development (Workshop)

Day 1 :
Introduction to Android.
Introducing the Open Handset Alliance 8
What does Android run on? 9
Why Develop for Android?
Understanding the Android Software Stack.
The Dalvik Virtual Machine.
Android Application Architecture.
Android Libraries.
Advanced Android Libraries.

Getting Started.
What You Need to Begin.
Preparing an Android device for development.
The Android Emulator.
Dalvik Debug Monitor Service (DDMS).
The Android Debug Bridge (ADB).

Android App Fundamentals.
Overview of Android Development.
Understanding project creation and structure.
Working with the AndroidManifest.xml file.
Understanding file.
Creating and managing activities.
Using explicit intents.
Using implicit intents.
Creating and using resources.
Understanding security and permissions.
Debugging an app.

The User Interface and Controls.
Understanding units and layout.
Using layout managers.
Working with text controls.
Building button controls.
Building list controls.
Building custom list layouts.

Graphics and Styling.
Creating and using styles.
Creating and using themes.
Creating icons.
Creating NinePatch drawables.

Day 2:
Notifications and Toast.
Displaying status bar notifications.
Displaying toast notifications.

Menus and Dialogs.
Setting up options menus.
Building context menus.
Building alert dialogs.
Setting up progress dialogs.
Creating custom dialogs.

Working with Services.
Setting up audio playback.
Establishing video playback.
Accessing the camera and camera roll.

Locations and Maps.
Incorporating Google Maps.
Using GPS to find the current location.

Creating a Home Screen Widget.
Creating a simple home-screen widget.
Creating a widget configuration activity.

Publishing Your App.
Publishing to the Android Market.

Note: ToolKit CD will be provided which includes the latest Android SDK,
example programs and java.