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Technical Report 19th mar 08

Technicals (Mar 18th)

MCX Close R1 R2 R3 S1 S2 RSI MACD

Major support
Copper 333.95 336.9 337.7 340 327.7 Weakness OB is in 327.70
major support
is in 116.95 if
Above it breaks it will
zero and show short
showing term
Aluminium 119.9 122.2 123.5 125.6 116.95 - Weakness weakness weakness
Zinc 101.95 105.5 103.6 100 98.5 Neutral OB Below 98.50(-)

major support
breaking it we
can see free
Lead 119.25 119.5 122.25 127.8 115.65 Weakness weakness fall
Nickel 1232 1263 1276 1200 1163 Weakness weakness Below 1200(-)



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