Minimising negative impacts

Negative impacts (Red book 147-151)
Tourism always creates some negative impacts (e.g. if I go to China the plane I fly in on will create air and noise pollution). Tourism development seeks to minimise these problems as much as possible Measures include:

Measures to minimise negative impacts
Planning control The use of the principles of sustainable tourism Visitor and traffic management Environmental impacts assessment Environmental audit

Planning control

Planning permission Zoning National parks DAISETSUZAN NATIONAL PARK IN JAPAN Write down 5 things that you think should not be allowed in a national park.

Planning control

Principles of sustainable tourism
Social progress which recognizes the needs of all Effective environmental protection Careful use of natural resources Maintenance of economic growth and employment (these principles must work together!)

Visitor/traffic management
Pedestrianisation Park and ride Public transport UrbanRail.Net Drop off points/parking De marketing!

Environmental impact assessment
A process which considers the overall effects of a development and identifies ways in which negative impacts can be minimised Red book pg 151 Copy down the bullet points.

Environmental audit
A process which identifies the environmental features of an area which is to be developed A further PowerPoint will cover this topic.

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