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Week 6 (B)
June 20, 2014
Seeds of Hope Farm
CSA Newsletter
Seeds of Hope Farm
CSA Newsletter
This weeks
Mustard Greens
Swiss Chard

Next weeks
most likely:
Kale or Collard
Napa Cabbage
Green Beans

Hi all,
The bounty of summer has arrived with the heat. Broccoli, cabbage, carrots,
cucumbers, and basil- all summer favorites. This week has been harvest heavy.
We havent had this much produce this early in the year since we started the farm,
so this is an exciting time, and occurrence.
For the tomato anxious, red ripe tomatoes are still a few weeks away, but they too
will be here soon.
We wanted to again include a photo with a label over each crop, but our dear
friend technology resisted too long. On with the show. This weeks crops are all
pretty familiar items, and those that are not have been included in prior shares.
The two stranges items would be mustard greens (pale leaf with crinkly edges)
and tatsoi, a deep green with a long lighter green stem. The heads are left whole.
This weeks recipes are on the back. Be sure to check them out. To the second, if
using carrots, Id suggest shredding some broccoli over the top to create a slaw of


From Your Farmers:

Upcoming Events:
Our second CSA dinner and cooking class is Wednesday, June 25 at 6 PM.
This dinner will be held at Unity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 8454 Glen Echo
Dr in Bel-Nor, 63121 at 6 PM. Everyone is invited, but please RSVP so we know
how many to count on. RSVP or sign up when picking up your share, or calling
Gabriel at 566.8643. Bring the family!

Farm Wish List:
VOLUNTEERS! We love company, you love being outside, and we have plenty of
weeds to pull. Its a win-win. We have volunteer opportunities Wednesdays from 10-
3. Bring a lunch and a container for water. Let me know if you plan on coming.


This Weeks Recipes

This weeks recipe comes from Operation Food Search. We had this dish at our first CSA dinner
and it was amazing.

Sesame-Ginger Beets
2 pounds trimmed beets
Tbsp oil
3 tbsp unsalted butter
1 tsp dried ginger
cup honey
cup sesame seeds
1 tbsp lemon juice

Preheat oven to 375.
If using large beets, cut into eighths; slice baby beets in half.

Toss in 2 tbsp. of neutral oil and dried ginger, and transfer to a roasting pan, spreading out on a
single layer. Roast until tender.

Add butter to pan over medium-high heat to melt; add honey, stir, then add beets. Stir lightly until
caramelized, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat.

Stir in sesame seeds and drizzle with lemon juice. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve at any
temperature and enjoy!

Randy shared this delicious recipe with us. I highly suggest it.

Carrots and Beets. Viola.

Here is a recipe for a simple grated carrot salad, a healthy, easy-to-make, and delicious dish. Its
an adaptation from David Lebovitz.
Use a hand grater to finely shred a few carrots. Be sure to add another kind of root from your
share, a beet, for another layer of earthy sweetness and vibrant color. If you have some parsley on
hand, maybe growing in a pot on your porch, add a few chopped leaves. Next put together a
vinaigrette, which is your own homemade dressing mixed to your taste. Its a simple balance of oil
and acid (lemon juice or vinegar), some salt and pepper, some sweet (honey or sugar) and an
emulsifier like Dijon mustard. Shake it together, sample it, change the ratio of ingredients until its
got the zing you want, and then pour the dressing over the shredded carrots. Toss it. The carrots
should be moistened but not drenched in dressing. With all this hot weather upon us, your family
will love this simple satisfying salad served chilled. .

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