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Alienware Computers

Alienware Computers

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Published by: api-19653818 on Nov 25, 2009
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Alienware Computers

Alienware builds a great computer, it was an expensive acquisition. At over $3200 dollars, one would expect a very capable gaming computer with a lot of extras. While an experienced computer builder could no doubt make a quiet computer or one with comparable performance, some of Alienware extras, like the internal watercooling system, ultra-neat interior, and distinctive case could be tough to match. Alienware does charge a lot for its upgrades, but they did make a noticeable improvement to the computer, especially the liquid cooling system.

Past the price, there are not many bad things to say about this computer. I would have liked to see two storage drives in RAID1, XP Professional instead of Home, and at least 2GB of memory but those are individual configuration problems.. The case is a bit large and bulky, for a full tower. The price means this computer may not be the right choice for an experienced builder, but for those looking for out-of-the-box performance, no-hassle upgrades

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