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Getting Started

• Introduction to Contribute
• Understanding the Contribute work space
• Understanding Contribute's workflow
• Our environment dev and prod

Making a Site Connection

• Connecting to WMO Site

Publishing process @ WMO

• PWMU unit and steps

Building Web pages

• Creating new pages
• Building pages from Dreamweaver templates
• Understanding language codes _en, _fr etc… and utf8 formatting
• Copying existing pages
• Editing existing pages p. 48
• Saving page drafts
• Letting coworkers review your pages
• Publishing your pages

Editing Page Content

• Previewing pages in external browsers
• Using CSS styles
• Working with lists

Working with Images

• Working with images
• Adding images to your pages

Working with Links

• Working with links (relative)
• About linking
• Linking to Web addresses
• Creating email links
• Editing and removing links

Creating Tables
• Creating tables
• Creating a new table
• Inserting rows and columns
• Merging and splitting cells

Working with External Documents

• Working with external documents
• Using external documents
• Importing Word or Excel documents

Posting documents and daily transfer

Current Problems encountered and ways to solve them

Reference and info on WMO Portal