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This is an invitation to a Nutrition Technical Forum for our District to be held on XXX at XXX…

Nutrition coordination is the act of making different nutrition stakeholders work together for the common goal of
improving nutrition. Nutrition stakeholder coordination at the district level is paramount for effective support to
essential nutrition actions in a coordinated manner. In tandem with nutrition coordination is the need for timely and
accurate information for programmatic decision making at district level and its onward transmission to the province
and national level.

The main objective will be to Institutionalize and systematize nutrition coordination and nutrition information at
district level.

The specific Objectives are;
 Coordinate nutrition planning and monitoring including contribution to the AOP, development of emergency
preparedness and contingency plans.
 Steer joint action plans at the district including setting clear targets for essential nutrition actions.
 Monitor and strengthen the use of data collection tools, analysis methods, information/data reporting tools and
use of integrated database.
 Guide nutrition related decision-making in other coordination meetings including the District Steering Group
(DSG), DHMT, and District Health Stakeholder Meetings.
 Ensure nutrition related issues are well communicated and understood within related sectors including
agriculture, livestock and WASH, among others.
 Ensure high quality interventions by providing regular updates on nutrition technical areas.

The agenda for the meetings will be but not limited to;
 recording of progress against the district nutrition targets set in the joint monitoring plan;
 updates from the Nutrition Technical Forum (NTF)
 Health facility, location or sub location updates on arising issues and discussions on way forward (including
gaps in providing and up-scaling nutrition services);
 Challenges and lessons learnt in nutrition service provision, nutrition coordination and information in the
district; and
 Updates from nutrition partners/agencies in the district.

Looking forward to your presence,

Manager - Kmully

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