Transportation Tuesday

Your boss shouted at you.
Your son misbehaved at school.
Your dog made a mess in the kitchen.
You’re already 3 minutes late and the traffic
is a nightmare.
Your life is out of control.
You cannot control what other people do
in your life … you can only control how
you react
Transportation Tuesday
Anger …
- at fast drivers
- at slow drivers
- when cut off
- at broken traffic lights
- at traffic jams
- when others tell you to calm down
- at tailgaters
- at your passengers
- when multilane highway narrows
Impatience ...
- waiting for passengers to get in
- at stop lights
- waiting in lines (car wash, bank, roundabout)
- waiting for parking space
- as passenger, impatient with driver
- when the vehicle ahead slows down
- if behind schedule on a trip
- driving in slow lane
- with pedestrians crossing street
Competition ...
- with yourself
- with other drivers
- with other cars in traffic jams
- with drivers who challenge you
- to amuse yourself when bored
- challenging other drivers
- racing other drivers
- drag racing at stop lights
Punishment ...
- Do you "punish" bad drivers?
- Complain to passengers about other
- Curse / make obscene gestures at other
- Block cars trying to pass?
- Block cars trying to change lanes?
- Ride another car's tail?
- Brake suddenly to punish tailgater?
- Use high beams to punish bad driver?
Transportation Tuesday
When the driver next to you yells or makes a finger gesture towards
you, think about road rage triggers - he/she must really be having a
bad day...and the good thing is that you are not.
Be courteous. The next time someone lets you cut in front of them
... lift your hand in a sign of thanks! We’ve all let someone cut in
front of us when we really did not have to, and not getting thanks
just ticked us off. So learn from your experience. And be a bit
kinder when someone needs to cut in front of you.
When you are feeling out of touch with your anger while driving -
take a deep breath and try to think of something better. Amuse
yourself by turning on the radio instead of venting your anger.
Change your attitude towards other drivers’ mistakes. They probably
don’t mean to cause harm, threaten, or endanger others. They’re
probably inattentive, forgetful or extremely fatigued.
Transportation Tuesday
(1) You are driving in the fast lane and the person in front of you is driving the speed
limit. Do you:
a - slow down because you realize you are speeding
b - slow down, turn on your signals and move into the other lane, and eventually move
back into the fast lane
c - tailgate the idiot
d - turn on your high beams, honk your horn and tailgate
e - zip into the slow lane; pass on the inside and then slow down in front of them
(2) A person is tailgating you. Do you:
a - as soon as it is safe, signal and pull into another lane
b - continue on because you are going the speed limit
c - stick your hand out the window and give them a signal
d - slow down even more and make it impossible for the idiot to get into another lane
e - slow down, then speed up, then slow down again and slam on the brakes.
(3) When you are in your car how often are you ranting and raving:
a - almost never
b - occasionally
c - most of the time
d - 99% of the time
e - 100% of the time in the car and 50% of the time outside of the car
Transportation Tuesday
(4) My driving skills are:
a - good
b - great
c - better than most on the road
d - superior
e - I am the best ; no one comes close to
my skill
(5) I find driving to be:
a - fun and relaxing
b - relaxing when I'm alone on the road, but
nerve wracking in city traffic
c - challenging but dangerous
d - a good place where I can really let loose and
express myself
e - a place where I show the rest of the world
what a bunch of incompetents they are
Give yourself the following points :
"a" : 0 points
"b" : 1 points
"c" : 2 points
"d" : 3 points
"e" : 5 points
0-3 points : Well done. If everyone drove like you there would be no problems.
4-10 points : Pretty good. You have good and bad days on the road. Perhaps some mild
road rage.
11-15 points : You can be seen by others as scary at times. Watch yourself.
16-20 points : You are dangerous. Reconsider the way you act as a driver.
21-25 points : We don’t want to know if anyone scored this many.
Transportation Tuesday