Dugong the Sea Cow

Why are they in endangered?? The reason for their endangered issue is due to human threats: Polluted runoff from the land, coastal developments, boat Type: Mammal traffic and fishermen's' nets, Diet: Herbivore hunting for Average meat, amulets and trophies. Port lifespan: 70 developments are destroying years dugong habitat and the3 m Size: 2.4 to sea grass beds on which231 to Weight: they graze. 499 kg

The dugong also called seacow, is one of the large marine mammal. It is the only living representative of the once-diverse family. the majority of dugongs live in th sea of Australia between Shark bay and Moreton Bay. The dugong's body is large and fusiform, with thick, smooth skin that is a pale cream color at birth and

Group name: Herd Protection Size relative to a 6-ft (2-m status: Threatened

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