Against the Current, by Brian L. MacLearn answers the
question: What if ‘the bully’ is still in your life after twenty-five
years? - It’s time to fight back!

For Immediate Release – (Waverly, Iowa. – June 23
2014) Brian L. MacLearn’s, Against the Current
explores the evil behind the need to manipulate others, and
the inner strength of goodness that compels some of us to
stand up to that evil.
Four years of planning for his freedom, and one heroic
moment, sets off a ticking time bomb of massive destruction
in the quiet town of Mt. Clarkton, Iowa. With the help of a a
kindred spirit, Jeff Peyton is forced to play one last winner-
take-all game against master manipulator, Matt Sinclair. Jeff
needs to win this game, not only for his own survival, but to
protect everyone he loves.
Evil comes in many forms and wears many faces. The power
hungry manipulator will stop at nothing to keep his power,
and to keep his golden ticket from rising up against him. The
victim is in some ways as calculating as the bully, and willing
to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. What begins as a
story of constant abuse and the struggle to break free, turns
into a psychological suspense thriller where not all is what it
Author Bio: Brian MacLearn is the author of "Our Heart" and "Remember Me." He is currently working on his
next novel, "Isolation." "Remember Me" was a 2012 Reader's Favorite bronze medalist in Science Fiction/
Romance. "Our Heart" was a 2011 Reader's Favorite Finalist in Fiction/Drama. "Against the Current" was a
silver medalist in the 2013 Reader's Favorite contest under Fiction/Suspense. Brian lives in Iowa and he has
also had works of poetry published and written a numerous song lyrics.

Keywords: Bullying, Abuse, Responsibility, Love, Survival, Thriller, Suspense, Perseverance, Drama, Hope

The ebook version of Against the Current, ISBN 9781622875979, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available on-
line wherever ebooks are sold. The 170 page paperback version, ISBN 9781622875955 and hardcover ISBN 9781622875962, are
published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

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