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O Gurudev, We Thank You, for bringing us closer to you

For every step we take, is nothing but your Grace

As from Satsang to Shibir , We sure to reach Eternity
Drenched in your Grace, Drenched in your Love
We could feel you in this Shibir, Every minute every hour
You bought us this Rajpad Shibir & Gave us this opportunity
Not only of Satsang, Seva and Bhakti, but also gave us the Veerti
Aho ! Sayings of Jineshwar Bhagawan
And Aho ! to our Sadguru for Teaching us this significance of Sayings of Jineshwar
We understood the Importance of this rare and precious Human birth
And now putting all our Faith in YOU (Nirgarnth) we will take steps to attain