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Autobiographical Statement

Ashley Jones

Growing up, I didnt always know that I wanted to become a teacher. I have four younger siblings,
aged thirteen to twenty-four, and though I loved taking care of them while my parents were
working, I always had different career ambitions. I began my university career in taking a
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree, though I took every opportunity that I could to work with
children. I often volunteered to accompany my siblings classes on field trips and I continue to
assist them and their friends with their homework often. I was also a Study Buddy for two years
at Meyokumin Elementary School in Edmonton, Alberta and I volunteered as a tutor at the
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers. At this point, I considered transferring into the
Faculty of Education and applied several times, yet when the acceptance letters came, I struggled
with the decision and ultimately ended up with my B.Sc. degree.

After obtaining my B.Sc., I gained employment as a Project Administrator and subsequently, a
Project Accountant at a construction company in Edmonton, Alberta. I was also taking courses
from CMA Alberta in order to become a designated accountant. Throughout my time at the
company, I had the opportunity to train other employees and ultimately, I decided that I was not
meant to sit behind a desk and that I wanted to go back to school to become a teacher.

During the summer prior to my returning to school, I gained employment as the Food and
Beverage Manager at a local golf club. I had worked at the club for several summers prior and was
excited to get the opportunity to lead a group of young adults. During my time at the golf club, I
interviewed and trained new employees, I created schedules, I conducted performance reviews, I
held monthly staff meetings and I assisted with the organizing of many tournaments. My time at
the golf club really solidified my decision to return to school to obtain my Bachelor of Education
(B.Ed.) After-Degree.

I took my Introductory Professional Term during the first semester of my B.Ed. degree, and I was
very excited to be placed in a junior high school. Two of my siblings were also in junior high at the
time and I felt very comfortable with that age group. I taught Math 7, 8 and 9 and assisted my
mentor teacher in supervising the Leadership program, where grade 9 students raised money to
get blue recycling bins for the entire school. It was during this time that I knew I made the right
choice to become a teacher; I loved every day of this practicum!

I was very fortunate to be able to travel to Macao for my Advanced Professional Term, located in
the Peoples Republic of China. Here, I gained experience teaching high school students and I had
the opportunity to accompany a group of students on an Experience Week trip to the Philippines.
Along with three other teachers, we took this group of students across two international borders
(on a ferry and two airplanes), to end up in Cebu. There, we got certified in the PADI Open Water
scuba diving course and subsequently volunteered to do a reef clean up dive for the local area.
This was a very unique experience and I loved sharing it will my fellow teachers and with my

Other than teaching, I am very passionate about travelling and learning everything I can about
different cultures. During my B.Sc. degree, I spent a semester abroad at Royal Holloway
University of London in the United Kingdom and during my B.Ed. degree, I completed my APT in
Macao, China. To date, I have visited twenty-one foreign countries and have many more on my
bucket list. I believe that these experiences have given me perspective and appreciation for the
diversity that I have had in my classrooms, as all of the classrooms that I have taught in thus far
have been very multicultural and have had many English language learners.