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A. Expressive
To understand that friendship can transform ones life
To appreciate the value of promises and kindheartedness

B. Instructional
To interpret the thoughts of the characters in the story

Selection: The Mountain That Loved a Bird
Written by: Alice McLerran
Illustrated by: Eric Carle

Materials: Manila Paper
Pentel Pen


A. Prereading

1. Unlocking of difficulties

a. Billowing The restless billowing sea. Billowing means

b. Sprouted Carla saw the orchids sprouted last week. Sprouted means.
c. Gush She gushed with pride over her new grandchild. Gush means.
Talk effusively
Give advices

2. Motivation
Do you want to have someone to be with you?
Is there someone who asked you a favor?
What are the traits that you like your friend to have?
Why does the mountain feel alone and sad? When did the mountain start
feeling the meaning of having someone to be with?

B. During Readings
The teacher distributes the copy of the story to the children. The teacher read
aloud while showing some pictures or presentation to the class.

C. Post Reading

1. Initial Discussion:

Why does the mountain do not have friends?
Who is the first friend of the mountain?
What did the mountain feel when there is someone spare time to be with him?

2. Engagement Activities:
The class will be divided into 3 groups. Each group will be assigned different

Group 1 Story Map

Based from the given story, this group needs to fill the table with the needed

Group 2 Character Tracker

Compare the traits of the mountain and the bird. What are your proofs? Make
character for the mountain and the bird. Fill out the columns.

Group 3 Speech Balloons

Act as if you are the Mountain and you dont have anything or anyone in one
place. You really wanted to have one suddenly there is a bird appeared? What
would be your thoughts?
Act as if you are the Bird and you see the mountain really want you to stay.
What would be your thoughts?

3. Post Discussion
What does s birds looks like?
Where does the bird live?
How can you describe the bird?
What can you see in the mountain?

Group 1 will show us the story map of the mountain and the bird.
What is the importance of the story?
What are the problems they encountered?
How did the problem resolved?
When and how the mountain and the bird met?

Group 2 will show us the character tracker of the mountain and the bird.
What is the difference of the mountain and the bird?
Why do you think the mountain is feeling alone and sad?

What did the mountain said to the bird?

Group 3 will show us the speech balloons of the mountain and the bird.
Why the mountain did asked the bird to stay?
Why does the bird dont want to live with the mountain?
What is the promise of the bird?
How does the mountain feel after the bird fly away?
If you were the bird, would you stay? Why? Why not?

4. Enrichment Activity:
Make your own imagination to illustrate the look of the mountain during the first
and last visit of the bird Joy.

5. Skills Development

A. Introduction
Let us recall some parts of the story of The Mountain That Loved a Bird and gues
who said the following dialogues. Listen to your teacher as she reads some of

Every spring I fly high in the air, looking for the best place to build my nest and
raise my children. As soon as I have rested I must continue my search.

I have never seen anything like you before. Must you go on? Couldnt you just
stay here?

Mountains last forever, but birds do not.

How do you say the dialogues? What do you think the character felt saying these
dialogues? The teacher will guide the pupils in remembering who said the
dialogues and how they must have felt when they said it.

B. Teaching/Modelling:

The cast that we meet in the story are called characters. The characters in the
story are like the people you have just known. As you read, you learn about their
unique traits and differences. How the characters behaves and feels are
significant to help us to know more about them.

C. Guided Practice:
Observe the pictures below. Arrange it orderly based from the story by putting
numbers 1-5 below.

____ _____ _____ _____ _____

D. Independent Practice:
Based from the ending of the story, imagine and write a possible scenario OR
event that might happen to the mountain and the bird. Do this on your own